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Moti Mizrahi

Hi Marcus, just wanted to point out the the link marked "this post" doesn't point to any particular post on the Cocoon, just to the blog itself. Otherwise, great work!

Marcus Arvan

Thanks, Moti - fixed!


Is the purpose of this project to bring attention to *the problem of under-appreciated philosophy*, or to post the actual philosophy? The guideline implies the former: "Anyone who believes that a philosophical work, idea, or argument has been unfairly ignored or insufficiently credited to a particular person is invited to submit an entry briefly explaining why in detail" but I can see some people being confused. I'm just envisioning a mix of stories and philosophy essays being submitted.

Marcus Arvan

Hi Sorcha: it's the former. This is a place to draw attention to *published* philosophy that has gone underappreciated or inadequately attributed to people, not to do new philosophy or publish stories and philosophy essays.

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