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I think blogs should grow with their readers. Makes sense to me to expand its scope.

Faculty, Jr.

I am in the early-career range, and I wanted to confirm what OP says here: I would appreciate insight about what is coming, in the middle-career range!

Trevor Hedberg

I think the focus on early-career issues, given that the people at that career stage are the most vulnerable and most in need, should remain. But I think that can be done while also expanding the scope to include more discussion of mid-career issues.


Would love to see this expansion in scope. There's lots of mentoring at the junior level, but then it stops.


I like that this place is for early-career people in particular (one wonders why there could not just be another site – The Philosophers' Range or something). However, it seems also that early-career people would benefit from seeing mid-career issues discussed out in the open if for no other reason than it may give them a more complete picture of the career path they have set out upon – which would help them make a more informed decision about whether they really want to stay the course at all :)

In my case, for example, one thing that weighed heavily in my decision to leave academia was learning that there is virtually no mid-career (post-tenure) job market, so if you land somewhere you do not want to be, you either have to stay on the job market while on the tenure-track (immediately after achieving blessed release from it!) or just accept that your entire career will be, e.g., far from family, in a climate you don't like, or whatever. That inflexibility – that trap – turned out to matter to me a lot!

Assistant Professor

Regardless of whether the official scope of the blog expands, I find I learn a lot about mid-career and beyond from the comments people who are more established in their careers tend to make on this site in response to early career questions.


yes PLEASE! I have had a number of questions come up lately that I found myself wishing I could get advice on, but been unsure where to turn. You already obviously have a lot of mid-career readers... maybe there could be a way to tag/filter posts for those who don't want the content, but I can't see how it could really hurt?

Current PhD Student

If the site does expand, I'd really like it if mid-career advice were clearly demarcated somehow, so I wouldn't need to filter what's relevant. (I find picking out what's relevant in various ways from even the limited number of people and sites I follow on the internet time consuming, so it's nice that this isn't just a general philosophy advice site.)

elisa freschi

I agree with @anon that there is no mentoring available for mid-career people. I think that a separate website would be too much to ask (and many topics are interesting for all groups), but perhaps a sub-heading "Mid-Career struggles" could help with the concern worded by @Current PhD Student?

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