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The author can add it to Philpapers ... there is no problem there ... That is they can give all the info: title, journal, etc. Even post the abstract. Interested readers will just ask for a copy. I know I do this.


Yep--just upload to PhilPapers. I have to say, I have increasingly bad luck with journals on this front. In my view, there is less a refereeing crisis than a production crisis. Philosophers Imprint, Thought, American Philosophical Quarterly, Ergo, and more... All of these took months and months to publish my accepted papers--in one case, well over a year from acceptance to publications!

Joona Räsänen

Keep asking the editor what is going on. And never submit the journal again.

Getting pragmatic about it

Two thoughts:

1. Put the preprint on philpapers. Do you really read the fine print? Has there _ever_ been a case where an author has gotten in trouble, beyond having to remove something?

2. The delay might be a good thing, because now you have two distinct chances to promote the paper—the acceptance and the (temporally distinct) publication!

Only slightly ashamed

I've never even read the publishing contract for a paper. Just post it. You're more likely to be struck by lightning than hit with a lawsuit.


Note that you needn't even archive a draft to list it as 'forthcoming' on PhilPapers.


To add to this: if you list your paper on PhilPapers, you can also link to it. That is, you can host a PDF on your own personal site and add a link to PhilPapers that sends people to that PDF. This might be a way of obeying the letter of your publishing contract, if it's one of the restrictive ones. (I will say, though, that unlike Marcus, I tend to think we as researchers are morally obligated *not* to respect the terms of these kinds of publishing contracts.)

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