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A plan

This is not a direct answer to the question, but here is something I did. I had a series of contingent positions earlier in my career, and these had either 0 or very little travel support. And then my first TT job had a very small travel budget. So I designated a set amount to spend on conferences - say $2000 per year (or whatever), and I planned my research trips accordingly. But this way my spouse understood my needs, and we budgeted for it. I was able to remain active, and this was important for my career and identity as an academic.


Somewhat related: Is increased dedicated travel funding a viable means for non-tenure-track faculty to negotiate an indirect raise? Background conditions: there isn't a promotion structure for NTT faculty, and there are legal, bureaucratic, or quasi-political constraints on direct salary increases.

bad news bears

administrators would have to use soft money to cover extra travel costs, and no administrator is going to commit her soft money to support travel for NTTs in perpetuity. First, they need the flexibility. Second, NTTs are a very low priority for most administrators. These are practical people

Michael Walschots

The only source I know if is through the Institute for Humane Studies, and they fund you no matter your location in the world! You have to explain how your research contributes towards their own aims, but their aims are somewhat broad. See here: https://www.theihs.org/funding-opportunities/

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