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For internet places, there used to be the Philosophy Smoker, which was better behaved than the metablogs but still often a gross place. I learned a lot from reading through it all, though.

There is still a forum-based pseudonymous academic community (not philosophy-specific): thefora.org . It used to be run by the Chronicle of Higher Education, but is now independent. It's a good place to vent, compare notes, and get advice, though. They even have monthly research accountability threads, where you can post monthly/daily goals, and your progress towards them.


I think it would make sense to just get involved in your subdiscipline, or organize something yourself in your subdiscipline (a weekly or biweekly zoom reading group, or research-feedback group). That way you are connecting with people with the same or similar interests, with a common end beyond 'let's be friends'.

Such things have been immensely helpful for me professionally, and helped me to reconcile myself to working in a sometimes-unpleasant department.

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