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another co-editor

I was advised to list this under service, specifically service to the profession. I do think it gets a little bit lost down there (among less significant accomplishments, such as reviewing for a journal). However, perhaps this is a good option if you're looking to streamline your CV.

Tim O'Keefe

Agree with another co-editor. The three big sections of my CV are research, teaching, and service, and within service is "professional service," which include things like refereeing for journals and presses, being on the editorial board for a journal, and being a subject editor for philpapers.

Bill Vanderburgh

I have a section "service to the profession" with subheadings for "refereeing and reviewing," "consulting," and "professional societies." The latter is where I put editing a society newsletter, and then just popped a guest editing thing there when that came up. In the end it doesn't really matter where it goes as long as it is clear what it is and what your contribution was.

Cameron Kirk-Giannini

I'm doing one of these right now, and I plan to list it in the same CV section as the book volumes I have edited. It was, in fact, considerably more work than editing a book volume, both in terms of hours and in terms of doing philosophy, and I refuse to relegate it to the Service section.

Assistant Professor

I see argument for both categorizing it under "service" and under "research" (but with its own subheading for editorial work) but what I do not understand is when people put edited books under "books" which seems to imply authorship of the book(s) and so "edited volumes" seems best if one has enough edited books to warrant its own section.

My experience of editing is that is in fact much more creative and synthetic work than referring and therefore is not exactly "service" so seems best placed in a separate heading after authored publications. But if one is a more passive editor then maybe that won't be the experience for everyone.


Editing a collection of essays or special journal issue is not service work: it's research work.

I think it makes sense to divide the "research" or "publications" section of a CV up into sub-sections.

Edited Volume
Peer-reviewed Article
Non-peer-reviewed Research
Review and Reference Work

Much better this than running them all together, or leaving publications out of the publications section.


Assistant Prof.
I have a category "Books and Monographs" which has under it (i) monographs, and (ii) edited volumes.
I think I may have inherited this formatting from the institution I am now working at. And the category "Articles, Reviews and Letters" has subcategories: (i) journal articles, (ii) book chapters, (iii) encyclopedia articles and handbook chapters, (iv) book reviews, and (v) letters (which, as noted above is a list of seven letters published in Science)

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