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Yup, this is fine. Go right ahead!

David Thorstad

I literally used to pay someone to proofread my work. Free proofreading is wonderful. Please mention typos.

Daniel Greco

Yeah pointing out typos is a favor. People will be grateful. I paid a grad student to proofread my book manuscript. He found lots of typos, and I was very grateful.

If somebody wrote me letting me know had found lots of typos in a paper draft I wrote, if anything I'd feel a bit sheepish about their having done free proofreading, and would look for a way to pay them ex post. I certainly wouldn't think they'd committed a faux pas.


It depends on the way you do it.

Even when I was a graduate student, some professors did it in a way I appreciate less than others. I did not appreciate it so much when it came across that the professor was not able to appreciate the content because of the typos, as all the comments were about the typos. Yes, in some cases, it can come across as disrespectful and discriminatory.

But there are also so many kind ways of doing it. You can, for example, send an email asking if they would like to see the typos you have caught. They might even hire you as their proofreader!

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