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Invitation to interview, Harvard Society of Fellows


First-round interview request for the College of St. Scholastica

first one of the year

Kind PFF from St. Scholastica

where's my PFO

Anyone else not hear from St. Scholastica at all?

Fading Duluth dream

I also have not heard from St. Scholastica at all. No interview request, no PFO.

Duluth: a dream forevermore

Scratch my last post as "Fading Duluth dream": PFO from St. Scholastica


any news on the Herbst spot at Boulder?

too soon to be sad

Has anyone heard from Princeton?

patience, my friend

@too soon to be sad, do you mean the junior TT jobs at Princeton whose application deadline was 11 days ago? I know they pulled my letters, but nothing else so far. I would guess it's way too soon for them to be scheduling interviews or anything. And I assume they pulled everyone's letters, since it happened just a couple days after application deadline. But I'd be curious to know if others didn't have their letters pulled.

former princeton grad student

at least in the past Princeton hasn't even conducted interviews for their jobs (this may have changed, but I feel fairly confident they at least won't conduct first round interviews). You aren't going to hear anything any time soon.

lnwh grad

My letters are also pulled from Princeton.

not a former Princeton grad

My letters were also pulled from Princeton close to the deadline. Former Princeton, do you mean that they hire without campus visits? For junior positions?

lnwh grad

@not a former Princeton grad

What I understood from former princeton grad student's comment is that they do not bother with first-round interviews and simply invite you for a job talk (is 'flyout' the term for this?), if your file looks good enough.

Another former Princeton grad

Actually, Princeton is notorious for hiring without conducting interviews or fly-outs, i.e. exclusively on the basis of one's application materials. (There was an exception to this a few years ago, though. Faculty votes were equally split between two candidates, so both were invited to give talks.) If you make a longlist or a shortlist, they sometimes ask for additional writing samples. But, in principle, the first time you hear back from Princeton, it could be with an offer.

former princeton grad student

no, Princeton--at least up until very recently--does not have job talks/fly outs. (They might now, I'm not sure, but I'd be a little surprised.) Yes, for junior jobs. They do not interview (in any way). This policy may have changed but it would have to have been in the past five years.

lnwh grad

@former princeton grad student:

wow that is surprising. do they just look at your file and decide?


lnwh grad: if I recall, Gilbert Harman, among others, convinced the department of the relevance of the psychological evidence that shows interviews are mostly noise or worse, and so for a long time the department hired directly without any interviews or campus visits. Have no idea if they've decided to change this policy. But they did it for years, even for junior positions.

Please report here, discuss on discussion thread

Hi Princeton discussing people: this is a friendly note that this discussion goes on the discussion thread, not the reporting thread

carmine berzotti

UIC Request for Letters, though I'm assuming everyone who applied got that.

UCL hopeful

Any news from UCL?

lnwh grad

@UCL hopeful, nothing here yet!

trying my hardest

PFO from MIT's Science Technology and Society TT search

Dushanbe Teahouse

@too soon to be sad, Zoom interviews were held for the Herbst spot at CU Boulder last week


Any news re the lectureships at UCL - in particular the engaged philosophy one?

anon ancient

Any updates on the Humboldt ancient job advertised over the summer?


PFO for the Glasgow logic job.


Interview request from Rochester's Health Humanities & Bioethics search.


Letters pulled for Mellon fellowship at the Stanford Humanities Center. Anyone else? Wondering whether it was automated or at all meaningful.

stanford humanities letters

My recommenders uploaded their letters before I even submitted my application, so I imagine it was automated--just part of the application process.


This one is slightly off the beaten path, but anyone have any insight into the Cal Berkeley Rhetoric position (Environmental Rhetorics and Race)?


On-campus visits for Washington & Lee Env. Studies job scheduled (10/17)

And so it begins

Received PFO today for Washington and Lee Environmental Studies job. Congrats to the finalists!

Assc prof

TAMU materials request. Likely pretty common.

Asst prof

I also got a materials request (writing sample & evidence of teaching effectiveness) from TAMU shortly after submitting my application. So yes, this must be pretty common.


pfo from baylor theological bioethics (the opening in the religion department, not the one in the philosophy dept)

request for additional writing sample from Utah


PFO Wheaton College Digital Medical Humanities Postdoc


Any word on UCL (especially the open area positions, but word on the others would be illuminating)?


Nothing yet from UCL open...it's taking a while?


Any news from Lewis and Clark College?


Any word from Memorial University of Newfoundland?

patience needed (ha, as if that were possible)

@Apps and @First-Timer, I applied to both Lewis & Clark and Memorial and haven't heard back from either.

But note that the materials deadlines for these searches was only one week and two weeks ago, respectively. In both cases, it's way too soon after closing date to expect a response.

In past years, the agreement on here seems to have been that sometime around six weeks or so after the application deadline is a fair time to start posting questions about results.

lnwh grad

Teaching portfolio and writing samples request from TAMU (I guess in line with what Assc and Asst Prof are saying above).


Alabama philmed?

Curious about TAMU

Has anyone who has applied to TAMU not received a materials request? Wondering if there is any sort of winnowing here.

lnwh grad

The e-mail states that the search committee determined *after a preliminary review* they'd like to see more materials. Hard to say if it is generic or they actually vetted some CV's or something.

post doc ergo propter doc

@Curious, I haven't gotten a materials request from TAMU, after applying about a week ago. So maybe at least a bit of winnowing!


Has anyone heard back from smith college?


Anyone heard from Nebraska?


first round interview with Stanford grad school of ed, phil ed job.


GIS (Global Interdisciplinary Program) at Villanova Zoom interviews were conducted last week. Waiting for campus invite.


Anyone else had issues with the Toronto system not delivering requests to letter writers, even after the 24+ hours? And not delivering notifications to applicants that letters were received?

lnwh grad

@applicant: my letters are requested and uploaded, but I remember it being couple days apart from my submission of the application. I also received e-mails when the letters were requested and uploaded, but I vaguely remember that you had to opt in to receive e-mails while submitting the application. If you want to make absolutely sure, I would recommend contacting the contact person at Toronto.

Smith College flyouts

@postdoc, Smith College has scheduled flyouts (for the open-rank position).


Anyone hear back for the Princeton open search?


I got a request for additional materials (teaching portfolio and writing sample) from Texas A&M. It went to my spam folder so I noticed it a few days late!


Any info on any of the ancient Greek positions?


I learned today that A&M will make first cuts on November 20th.

So many TAMU jobs

@First-timer, Texas A&M is doing a bunch of searches: I think five. Do you know if the November 20th cut date is for all the searches, or just one, and if so, which one? Thanks in advance.


@so many jobs I was inquiring about specifically about the core positions.


What was the deadline for the texas a&m job that people got material requests from?


@anon, I'm pretty sure it was Nov 1.


request for teaching video from Belmont Abbey College

Celestial Seasonings

Invitation for on-campus visit, Herbst program at CU Boulder

Looking to move

Letters requested for Arkansas open position.


The deadline for Arkansas is the 15th, right? I'm surprised they asked for additional materials already.

dazed and confused on this academic job market

Did you guys also get a second request to upload additional materials from TAMU?


@Dazed: are you talking about something beyond the first request for additional materials (sample/teaching)? If so, what was asked for?

dazed and confused on this academic job market

I got another email, this time from a faculty member, requesting the exact same materials (teaching portfolio and writing sample) to be uploaded again...?

dazed and confused on this academic job market

@TAMU yes exactly the same but this time from a faculty email address

Go home TAMU, you're drunk

@dazed: Yes. Same email, from a different person. I had already uploaded additional materials so I'm not sure why this new email was sent. I just ignored it?


Letters requested for ASU position .

Looking to move


Maybe it was automatic, although it didn't happen immediately after applying. The 11/15 deadline is for full consideration. They're reviewing as apps roll in.

which ASU?


ASU for the position with the AOS: "Open, but the candidate’s primary research must be directly and significantly related to at least one of Technology, AI, AI Ethics, Health, or Human Future"?

Or ASU for the position with the AOS: "Open, but the candidate’s research must be directly and significantly related to gender, race, sexuality, and/or disability"?


Anyone receive requests for additional info for TAMU but applying for history of philosophy position? Or are they all for the core?


I applied for the Arkansas job on 10/25 and had letters pulled on 10/30, so it looks like there's a standard gap between application and letters. No idea if it's something automatic or if it indicates making it past some initial hurdle.

Assc prof


I received the request for the history position.

go tigers

Since it's slow and we're resorted to reporting letter pulls, I'm wondering if people have had their letters pulled for the Princeton positions (open and UCHV). I had my letters pulled for the open position a few days after applying but had UCHV letters pulled a month after applying (10 days after deadline).


When people refer to their “letters being pulled,” what does that mean? How would you know this? Does this only apply if not using interfolio or similar?


@which ASU?

Unclear what @John even means if he's referring to those two jobs, since the application process for those two was through interfolio, so presumably you just attached your letters to the application itself.


@TAMUfied I also had a request for additional materials and applied to one of the history positions.


No info from Ancient Greek positions here.


This is Texas A&M university. I just post here as an abstract entity to let you all know how much I need you to reupload your materials multiple times. See, the thing is, as an abstract entity, I have a hard time retaining information, due to the unfortunate absence of an actual mind. I really hope you can forgive me, I am working hard to obtain object permanence. But who could be mad at me, I'm just a smol bean university, I'm quite literally a baby


How do I know if letters have been pulled? I use Interfolio dossier delivery and can't see a difference between when I first submitted letters and now.

Joy in Muddville?

Interview request for Pitzer College (https://philjobs.org/job/show/23774). Email on 11/8.

cautious optimist

Screening interview request for Central Michigan University Medicine & Society TT position (email 11/9)


@which ASU? and @troll? Sorry for being rather vague. I was referring to the position with a connection to AI Ethics, etc.. What I meant was that I was contacted to give permission for them to contact my letter writers, which is actually the first time that's ever happened to me. As I now realize the application was indeed through interfolio, I assume this was merely due to me not having given them access to my letters or something. So much ado about nothing ;)

UCLearly aren't in a hurry

Anyone any news from UCL open yet?

Also applied for UCL

@UCLearly aren't in a hurry, I saw on the discussion thread that someone had mentioned that they were overwhelmed with applications. For what it is worth, my PhilPapers page had a couple of hits from UCL last week. From that, I think that it is reasonable to assume that they are still going through applications.


Anyone hear from either Nebraska or Kansas?


did anyone who interview at Augsburg hear back about second round/fly outs?

lnwh grad

Did anyone and apply to and hear from Princeton Society of Fellows yet?

anxiously waiting

Someone posted here that finalists were notified (at bottom of page, under "word on the street") but I know nothing first-hand: https://academicjobs.fandom.com/wiki/Humanities_and_Social_Sciences_Postdocs_2023-2024

reliable or not?

Thank you @anxiously waiting! I have never seen that website before. Are the reports usually reliable?


@ cornpls No news, but for context Nebraska, which had the earliest deadline, kindly emailed me about a missing reference letter only last week.

anxiously waiting

@reliable or not?, I don't know, but it was very active last year, so I'm hoping it will be a good source of information about these general post-docs.

Rudy Gobert

Fly out invitation for Augsburg VAP position


Any news about Georgetown? any gossip?


Request for letters from U of Arkansas

ugh FL

Eckerd College (VAP, open) interview request

what dude i'm just asking

any news about the philosophy jobs?

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