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academic migrant

I was told by the dean that philosophy received the highest number of job applications in the history of my current university. So maybe.

If this is a general phenomenon, combined with having no industry, the rationality of doing a phd in philosophy for a job is debatable.

Neil Levy

My impression - as someone whose job is dependent on grants - is that rejection rates in philosophy for grants are similar to those in other areas, but there are fewer granting bodies for philosophy.

Rejection rates are higher in philosophy with regard to journal submissions. This is partly explained by the fact that in other disciplines, presubmission inquiries are very common. That's only a partial explanation but it's important when you're comparing the most selective journals. People rarely submit to Nature without initial encouragement. Again, though, the venues are very many more. I am regularly an author on a psych paper, and I'm always confident it will be accepted somewhere decent. I never have that confidence about philosophy papers.

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