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Richard Y Chappell

*Ethics* has some useful info on how they deal with symposia, here:

It would be great if more journals were transparent about whether they welcome book symposia, and if so, how the process works.


We do publish book symposia in Metascience, which is a Springer/Nature journal that publishes book reviews of books in history, philosophy, and sociology of science. But we do not publish a lot of them. They are a lot of work to coordinate, and we would tend to do them only for books that we anticipate will generate a lot of interest. We generally commission them, but we have published symposia that were proposed to us. We try to meet some conditions for run them - we do not just want a small group of friends reviewer the book of another friend.

Dan Weiskopf

Analysis Reviews will publish submitted book symposia. Instructions on how to pitch them here:


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