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Nigel Tufnel

I'd add that, if there is something that is in demand but rarely taught, then having done a guest lecture on that topic can make you stand out. Hiring decisions are often made on the margins and being the candidate who has done more of teaching X, where X is something that the department wants to introduce or needs to replace someone, can make that extra bit of difference.

Assistant Professor

I agree with Marcus that including them makes sense on a CV (which in academia is not intended to be a concise document like a work "resume," but should list all achievements, most of the time). I also agree with the second comment in the OP that if these are guest lectures for students then put a section under the teaching heading on the CV for "guest lectures" and if they are research talks beyond a classroom setting then include them under the presentations heading as "invited talks" or whatever term for this you prefer.

Like with papers, invited presentations don't demonstrate that your work has passed through peer review, but importantly it does show that you and your work are getting recognition, which for many departments is a kind of metric that is important for promotion.

Congrats on the uptake!

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