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I was in this position once and, although probably unethical, I collected both paycheques for 2 months. My contract was ending after those two months anyway, and quitting early would have meant I got no severence pay. Plus, after being used as an underpaid, undervalued adjunct for several years I didn't have any qualms about it.


I started my current job in May 2019, and my postdoc ended July 1, 2019. It wasn't an issue, but I don't know how generalizable that anecdote is.

Contract reader

Often a contract actually ends a couple months before the pay ends. So you might already be done with the contract by the time the second begins

Self care

"I was in this position once and, although probably unethical, I collected both paycheques for 2 months"

I doubt it would be unethical. People often have more than one job (outside of academia, though I often worked part time when in academia) and if you were doing both jobs, I don't see why it would be wrong to be paid for both. Assuming that the overlap didn't go on for a v long time, it benefits nobody if you stopped working one of the jobs and it's unreasonable for your employer to expect you to do the work for free. Take the money, but be quiet about it because I've found that people who are very financially secure in this business (deans, department chairs) aren't looking out for your interests.

Multiple Country Postdoc

Please do note that some countries require you to report all income that you earn while working in that country, regardless of where in the world that income was earned (Australia, for example). In the end this may or may not mean that you pay more tax, but you should certainly check the relevant tax regulations carefully.


Self care…

I was not doing both jobs bc the first job ended at the end of thr summer and the other one started part way through. No teaching for either at the time, just research. So I was essentially getting paid for research twice over. I won’t go into details, but I didn’t feel bad about it for various reasons, including what you mentioning about higher ups not caring about us.


Many employment contracts have exclusivity clauses. There's a lot of general information about, if you Google something like 'Is it legal to have two jobs at the same time?'

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