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I strongly agree with this, though I want to articulate a qualified version of the opposition to normal and conservative philosophy that is maybe more plausible. I suspect that part of what generates the opposition to philosophy that is "boring" or "derivative" is that people are thinking about examples of conservative, non-revolutionary philosophy that is also poorly argued. Poorly argued philosophy that is revolutionary can add to our knowledge by giving us a new way of thinking about things that other people can use to make better arguments. (I don't think the same is true of poorly argued philosophy that is radical, in Dmitri's sense, but a lot of other people seem to like it.) But poorly argued non-revolutionary philosophy doesn't do this (and in my assessment, there's too much of it out there.) If non-revolutionary philosophy is poorly argued, I think it really does have very minimal value (and maybe negative value if it is published, and thus becomes one more thing some poor graduate student or young scholar has to read in order to get up to speed with the debate).


I have a question: does boring and derivative philosophy need to be defended, if most current philosophy papers or books are boring and derivative?

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