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I have done this before (if my papers got reviewed faster, maybe I wouldn't have needed to!). We have a responsibility of a certain strength to protect the anonymity of the reviewing process. But there are lots of things that you just need to do, as someone in this profession, that straightforwardly outweigh that responsibility.

So you might, for instance, go ahead and submit that paper for review for publication even if the APA presentation isn't until next year, because you need a new publication yesterday, not next year. And then if the review process is slow, here you are presenting a paper that's under review. It's fine.

The "bad case" the OP outlines is, at worst, something to be worked out between the referee and the editor. If the referee is in the audience, they might email the editor and say, "What now?". And sure, that might be annoying, but that's not as bad as doing something that might slow down your rate of publication.

Ronald Gripweister

Agreed, preserving the sanctity of the anonymity of peer review is unnecessarily fetishized by some. I wonder how common it is for qualified reviewers to recuse themselves whenever the identity of an author becomes clear from a talk. In ordinary circumstances, I think this would be an over-reaction.

do it

I agree with anon at 9:40am above. Presenting and submitting for publication review are both necessary parts of our job, and given all the variables—review time, varied time distance between conference acceptance and presentation—I’ve found that presenting material while it’s under review is almost unavoidable.

The wrong things to do, I think, is to call attention to the fact that the paper is under review. Your problem #3 seems relatively unlikely, and if arises, then it isn’t your fault, as you simply can’t be expected even to know who your reviewers are, much less to find ways to shield them from knowing your identity during the referee process.

TT professor

I am not bothered in the least. Change the title if you can, though.

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