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Prof L

List it, and I don't think there's any need to indicate payment. We all get little stipends for various things; I've never kept track of that on my CV. We also don't list "remunerated" talks any differently than free talks on CVs, departmental service positions that come with a small stipend any differently than those that don't, and so on.
I've been an "editorial assistant", doing copyediting that was paid a small stipend. I just listed it under service with the title "editorial assistant".

SLAC Associate

I agree with Prof L - list it.

In my own anecdotal experience on hiring and tenure/promotion committees, professional service matters insofar as it shows ways in which you are contributing to your field beyond traditional scholarly work, as evidence of a positive reputation in your field, and whether you would contribute in cool ways to our institution or program. I don't think whether it is on a volunteer basis is relevant. (From a promotion standpoint, most of the service that matters is university service, and we are paid for that work too).

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