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I usually note the person in a footnote if either a) there was an _extended_ discussion between us about the issue or b) the text has an idea I think someone else might want to cite down the road.


I usually have a general 'thanks to...' at the end of papers. I only have more specific notes thanking reviewers if there was a big push from a reviewer to expand on a particular part of a paper. This is also my way of flagging to readers that any strange, seemingly forced material in the paper is the result of my assuaging reviewers.

Prof L

I think local notes to thank people are a bit much. If someone was especially helpful, just say so in the general thanks. (e.g. 'NN was especially helpful in directing me to relevant literature' ... even that's a bit much). I hate extended footnotes including things like "I am grateful to NN for bringing this paper to my attention" ... it's obsequious and it is also bad style/detracts from the readability of the paper.

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