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I have spoken

Interfolio is the way.

Bill Vanderburgh

We didn't have any big problems with non-responsive referees in our recent searches. If a file was incomplete, we notified the letter writer and the candidate, but if that didn't work we just evaluated based on the file we had on hand at the date of review. It is going to be a VERY rare case where that one missing letter is the one thing that would have pushed someone to the "interview" stage when they didn't get there on the basis of the rest of the file. (This may be a difference between teaching-focused and research-focused departments. But for us, letters are not very probative--they usually repeat what we know about the research record from the other materials, and they are all universally enthusiastic about the person they are supporting, so they don't really help in making decisions between candidates.)

I agree that Interfolio is way.


I also agree that interfolio is the way, but have a follow-up question: sometimes an application will ask for a "list of references," and the expectation (I am certain of this in at least two cases) is that an actual human being will be able to reach out at any time to the actual human being listed as a reference (not to Interfolio). In that case, I do just include my references' emails — is there something else I ought to be doing?

Separate but related: why are job applications still asking for references' *phone numbers*? (And am I wrong to usually just use the department contact number for that?)

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