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Matt Weiner

On the searches I participated in, we did not see it! I think it goes to a statistics-compiling office, but in general, if the form says that the search committee won't see it, and if the search committee does see it, then the university is probably potentially opening themselves up to a world of hurt legally.

So I think you can be confident that if the form says the search committee won't see it, it's going to someone else entirely.

Search Committee Member

I've been on a number of search committees, and we have never seen that information. Of course, that won't stop search committee members from discriminating for or against you on the basis of what race, gender, and so on they think you are.

At least at some places, universities can preferentially hire veterans and people with disabilities, so you may want to disclose that information (if you're comfortable) on your application where committee members can see it.


In my experience what happens is that HR has access to this data. They will then be in touch with the chair of the search committee, either informally or formally, and say "*wink wink, nudge nudge* you should take a close look at the following people." They may even, depending on their regulations, require justification for why each diversity candidate was rejected from the shortlist.

Mike Titelbaum

I've been on multiple search committees, and the data we are provided about candidates does not contain any of this information. Nor does anyone who possess the information contact us on a formal or informal basis.

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