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Interested but uncertain applicant

Question for the job post: are the four preferred AOSs ranked? Or will they be given equal consideration?

Thank you!

anonymous associate professor

Is this one of the functions of the philosophers' cocoon? This seems like a pretty odd choice of jobs to devote a whole post to--it's on philjobs and it's at an extremely prominent institution. Does this mean we can all write in to get our jobs featured on posts?

Marcus Arvan

@anonymous: Fair questions! As a general matter, I'm happy to post things that people send me that might be helpful in one way or another to early career people. I envision the Cocoon as a place to serve readers (particularly early career philosophers), and so as a general matter I try to post anything that might be helpful in some way, even if I'm not entirely sure. And sometimes (as in this case, see below), I find myself pleasantly surprised that a post might be helpful in ways that I wouldn't anticipate.

In brief, I haven't posted many job ads in the past (though I think I may have noted when my department is hiring), but mostly because people haven't asked. It probably wouldn't have occurred to me to post this ad, but Matthew asked, so I was happy to oblige. It also didn't occur to me that posting the ad might be all that helpful to early-career readers, but as @Interested but uncertain's comment illustrates, job applicants might very well have questions about particular ads, and this might be one nice way (and place) for them to ask and have their questions be publicly answered! (This actually seems to me like it could be a good service. In @Interested but uncertain's case, they and other applicants might get helpful info publicly from the search chair--something that might help candidates decide whether to apply, etc.).

So, long story short, to answer your first question ('Is this one of the functions of the philosophers' cocoon?'), the honest answer is: I mean, I'm not *sure*, but I figured, why not? As to the second ("Does this mean we can all write in to get our jobs featured on posts?"), the honest answer is the same. I'd be happy to post ads that people send me, and if readers don't find them of much interest, I guess ignore them in favor of other posts? I suppose if the Cocoon became a long list of job ads (essentially reproducing the PhilJobs job ad thread here), that would be annoying. And so maybe a maxim of posting ads here might not be universalizable here in a Kantian sense. But, I'm cautiously optimistic that that won't happen...Good thing I'm not a Kantian! ;)

my two cents

As a regular consumer of this blog (and someone who is regularly on the job market) I have a *strong* preference to not see this kind of post on this site. I know where to go if I want to find job posts, and if it's already on philjobs, it's not news to find it here.

Mr data

To all those interested ... it is worth looking at where the permanent Core Faculty at Chicago (not counting teaching/instructional positions) got their PhDs. This may help you decide on whether you should apply. Of 22 faculty members: 7 got their degrees from Ivey League schools (3 Harvard, 1 Princeton, 1 Yale, 1 Cornell, and 1 Columbia), 7 got their degrees at Pitt, 2 at UC Berkeley, 1 at U Chicago, 1 at Rockefeller, 1 at Penn State, 1 at MIT, 1 at Texas, and 1 at Potsdam (Germany, not upstate New York). You do the math.

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