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It might seem pedantic, but I think it's important to remind people that backgrounds and natures are not themselves diverse (in the sense relevant here). Rather, they have the potential to contribute to diversity (whether they in fact do depends on what else is included). Thinking of things themselves as diverse or not creates the temptation to denigrate individual readings (etc.) as failing in some way for not themselves contributing to diversity. But it's never been the job of individual readings to contribute to diversity--that's the job of people curating syllabi, anthologies, bibliographies, etc. The job of an individual reading is to make an argument in defense of a thesis.

re pedant

"it's never been the job of individual readings to contribute to diversity..." perhaps, but it would be problematic if individual readings contribute to a narrative that people of different genders or skin colours are irrelevant, for example, through citation practices.

"Despite being educated and then publishing in the same venues as their male counterparts, female philosophers were and continue to be much less cited and discussed than male philosophers"


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