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Ben Davies

I've certainly made changes beyond those requested by reviewers before, and not suffered from it. When I've done so, though, it's usually because a reviewer's comment made me realise greater change was needed, and I usually frame it in this way; that might be less of a problem than introducing totally unrelated changes prompted by external feedback.


Hello, grad student:
I would say go for a major revision but discuss with your mentors first to make sure that the revisions really would make the paper much better, especially if the paper is what you care a lot about. And carefully justify it in the reply.


Depending on the what the major revisions are, one question is whether there is simply another paper there. Philosophers' views evolve all the time, and often we publish only to realize later that we are wrong about something. Early career, if you need the publication, I'm inclined to play it safe. If you are happy enough with the paper as is, get it published, and then figure out how to pitch the major revisions as a new paper defending an evolution of your view.

Granted, if you care a lot about the changes, then it's a risk, as the followup piece may never get published. But, just throwing in another kind of option to think about.

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