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@maryland?, I would take it to be a good sign! The PFO I got from Maryland (not reported above for redundancy concerns) was a super generic, dear applicant, from HR kind of thing.


@maryland? Mine in written in the same language, looks like it was a generic letter.

Going Fishing

Has anyone heard anything from:
York (cogsci)
Florida (lemm)
Miami (m&e)
Chapman (open/STEM mentor)

I know it’s still early enough that it’s plausible these schools haven’t sent anyone anything yet, but I also know some people forget to report, or don’t report what happens to their friends, etc., so I figured it was worth asking,

Hoping for hope

More fishing. Has anyone heard from Pittsburgh (TT, open), Toronto (TT, so ial/political, Mississauga campus) or the Ethics Institute at Dartmouth (postdoc)?

pfo oh no

@maryland I got mine later, after the first string of pfos posted, so I assume they're making cuts. I got my hopes up! I'd wait and see, but a good sign that you're still in the running.


@maryland? I received a more generic PFO: "Thank you for your interest in the position of Assistant Professor in the department of ARHU-Philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park. After reviewing your application material we regret to inform you that you are no longer under consideration for this position. We recognize that applying for positions such as this one represents a time-consuming investment and we thank you again for your application and interest."

@pfo oh no: It's probably cold comfort, but at least you made some sort of long list! That's not nothing.

H town

Has anyone on the Houston long list heard back about interviews?

Indiana area

Can people who got an interview from Indiana say what their areas were?

Third Time’s a Charm

@H town No word from Houston on my end. Was wondering the same thing.

wishful thinking

Has anyone who made the SLU long list but did not receive an email interview request gotten a PFO? I continue to get website hits from that area so I'm wondering (probably foolishly) whether I'm still on some sort of back burner


@wishful thinking: For what it's worth, SLU just emailed a couple hours ago saying they'll be making decisions re: fly-outs on December 16th.

If you have to ask…

Eastern Michigan anyone?

wishful thinking no more

@Cecinestpasunphilosophe, ah, shucks. Thank you for the info!!


EMU interview request came in today.


Toronto Metropolitan (metaphysics position) requested Zoom interviews.

Gregg Popovich

I have heard indirectly that Trinity University (TX) has not yet scheduled first-round interviews.


anyone heard from MIT, NYU, or Miami?

ATLien Hopeful

Emory zoom interview request!


Texas Tech (ethics) asked for additional writing samples. I don't have my stuff available online like others, so I wouldn't assume you're out of the running there if you didn't get the same. But just so folks know, they don't seem to have scheduled Zoom interviews yet.


Boston College (NTT, Professor of the Practice) zoom interview request


Ole Miss (phil of law) scheduling interviews.


Cal state Fullerton interview request


Another entry in the Hopelessness Fishing Expedition. Anyone know anything about the status of the following searches?

Salve Regina (Ethics, Social Political)
Swarthmore (Peace and Conflict)
Widener (Ethics)

Plz help me find closure so that my soul can move on from this cursed realm.

California Dreamin’

Cal State Fullerton (Early Modern) interview request.


I know someone posted about the Caltech phil science postdoc, but has anyone heard anything regarding their TT search?


Only a handful of the thirty odd positions I've applied for are mentioned here. Are most of y'all doing more "analytical" phil? I hate the distinction, but it serves a purpose sometimes.


Pfo Michigan ancient


Pfo University of Michigan (ancient)


Any news from the following:

UC Davis
UVA (engineering ethics)
Penn business
College of Idaho
Montana State
UT Arlington

UT Arlington

@anon I had an interfolio request for letters from UT Arlington last week but didn't think it was news worthy. I had submitted my application a month ago.


I also got that letter request from UT Arlington.


Interview invite (finalist) from Cardiff (moral/political phil.)

also anon

@anon: the submission deadline for UT Arlington is 12/15


Interview request from Scripps College (TT in core areas of analytic)


Any word from

Baruch College
Salve Regina University
Widener University
Truman State University
Carnegie Mellon University- non TT, special faculty
Alma College
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Augusta University

Thank you!


Simon Fraser (history) anyone?


PFO Providence (Ancient)

Don't be Wacalester, interview (and hire) me

I know this has been asked before, but has anybody heard from Macalester College?


Baylor anyone?


I didn't receive either of the PFO messages from Maryland (TT, Ethics) reported above, but I haven't heard anything else from them either... Can anyone confirm whether interview requests have gone out?

Gregg Popovich

PFO Providence (Ancient), 99 applicants

Baylor info

Baylor (TT, Open) has selected 3 candidates to fly out. There will be no first-round zoom interviews. All three candidates specialize in ancient philosophy.


@MarylandAnon - same.


If that's true, Baylor should have a long look at themselves in the mirror. Needlessly wasting the time it took many (hundreds?) of non-ancient people to apply. SHAME.

Baylor seems ok

@Badformbaylor Here's a possibility: they were open to hiring a non-ancient historian, but they found that the three candidates they liked best work on ancient. What's the problem with this?


@Badformbaylor: to pile on, because the AOS was open, and those jobs (from anecdotal evidence) almost never go to people specializing in ancient phil, many people who work on ancient phil (including me) probably didn't apply!


Any word on Lyon College?


Zoom interview request, LSE Research Officer in Animal Sentience


any news from rice?


Is this an internal source from Baylor that is reporting this?

Da Bears, who cares

Alls I'll say is that it was definitely not an accident that Baylor ended up with 3 ancient finalists, and they definitely should have written their ad differently. There are quite a few ways they need some mirror-looking.

anon person

@MarylandAnon I can't confirm whether all of the interview requests have gone out. But I can confirm that PFOs are still going out. I received mine a couple of hours ago.

Constant Disappointment

Anyone heard from Oxford/Merton (philphys) yet?


Also received an interview request for Scripps College (Assistant Professor of Philosophy in core areas of analytic philosophy)


Update on my earlier post: flyout request received via email from Maryland (TT, ethics).


huh, I still haven't heard anything from Maryland. maybe my PFO got lost in the mail!


PFO Edinburgh


still nothing from Sarah Lawrence?


I haven't heard anything from Maryland either. I'm (perhaps optimistically) guessing back-up list if the flyouts go badly?


Zoom Interview invitation from York (Africana)


Also nothing yet from Maryland for TT yet search :(

Feeling crabby

A third Maryland silence, to add a data point.


@somuchforsctoland which edinburgh job?


flyout from Hampden Sydney


Interview invitation Edinburgh Aesthetics job


Michigan (Ancient) applicant who received neither a PFO nor an invitation to a flyout here. Any reason why some applicants might not have been contacted (yet)?

Not an Insider

@perplexed: no insight on the specific search, but in general if a search committee has invited a few people for fly outs, given pfos to a few people who were interviewed, and left the others in limbo, it means they don’t want to call the search off if none of the initial fly out candidates work out, and thus want to preserve the option to fly a few more out at a later date.

You can only really make this inference if some people interviewed have been given pfos: if the breakdown of applicants is just pfo without interview, fly out, and interview but in limbo, there’s no telling whether you’re on a backup list or they just haven’t gotten around to sending the pfo yet.

Gregg Popovich

perplexed, I'm in the same situation. I didnt have a first round interview. The options are: (1) they're keeping their options open, (2) we got lost in the shuffle.

I have been on the market many times. I have never gotten a job from being a backup flyout, or even had a backup flyout materialize. So it's safe to give up hope at this point imo.


@clarification philosophy of technology


@ Not an insider, Gregg Popovich: thanks, these explanations all sound reasonable.


Any updates about University of Florida (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, or Philosophy of Language)?

insert Bernie meme

I am once again asking if anyone has heard from Salve Regina, Swarthmore, or Widener?


PFO Maryland


@SL — Sarah Lawrence’s ad stated that consideration would begin November 20th; especially given that the time between then and now includes the Thanksgiving break and current end-of-semester stuff, I don’t find it especially weird that they may not have made any decisions yet!

Asking for a friend

Any word on Yale?


Just got my second PFO for the one Maryland position

have to laugh or you'll cry

@PFOverkill consider yourself lucky that you didn't end up with hundreds of PFOs like the poor soul who got *all* of a job's rejection emails sent to them last year!

Marcus Arvan

Or the dozens of rejections that I kept receiving from one job spread out over about 2 years. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


@Badformbaylor I share the feeling expressed by @someone since I work in Ancient Phil and did not apply to Baylor. To be honest, I also did not find the job ad up until today... was it posted on philjobs?


Interview request LSE post-doc memory/AI

Baylor info

@Phantasia: the Baylor ad was on higheredjobs, not Philjobs. Baylor is not allowed to post on Philjobs because they are regarded as having discriminatory views vis-a-vis same-sex marriage. I'd like to comment further but cannot because the comment will be taken down.


Any updates about Sienna College (TT open AOS/AOC)?


Is anyone else still in limbo about Maryland (TT, ethics)?

sienna info

@anonsienna Sienna is conducting first round interviews this week (or at least, I know someone who has one this week).


@anonsienna Siena College is doing first round interviews this week

weevil knievel

has csu san bernardino scheduled fly-outs?


@maryland - Yes

Hoping for hope

@weevil knievel - CSU San Bernardino held fly outs a couple of weeks ago.


Does anyone know if Hope College plans to (or has already, sigh) schedule fly outs before the break?


@maryland - Yes


@weevil knievel I had a first round interview with them more than a month ago and crickets, but they did say it would take a while to hear, so I bet they're waiting on bureaucracy


Ah, darn, thanks for the report @Hoping for hope!


still waiting on anything from:

- college of idaho
- davis
- chapman

Also, quick q, postdocs w/ apps due mid Dec...when's about the earliest one could expect news on those?


Oh my, @Baylor Info, many thanks for the information. As an international applicant, there is always much that I ignore. Thanks for helping me (us) navigate this.


@richard: I haven't heard anything from Chapman.

Bearer of bad news

I know college of Idaho had zoom interviews like a month ago. Don't know more, though.

Curious George

Seeing some people respond only after inquires so any news on

Rice; Simon Fraser; Vassar (Open)?

Just wondering

Adding to queries: Grinnell, Ohio state, Thomas Jefferson, alma, N. Arizona, Bridgewater, Fairfield, Trent

Harper Fellow-feeling

Is there anyone else here waiting for the Chicago Harper Fellowship? Seems like a great gig but oh boy I hope they hire AT LEAST ONE HUMANITIES PERSON this year...


Reference letter request / notification of being on the longlist, from UBC Okanagan

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