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Interview request via email for Northwestern (ancient, TT)


Interview request via email for Northwestern (ancient, TT)

And no, I have not heard back from Providence yet.


@providence dreamin', also waiting to hear from them. Though shoutout to @pc_prof for informative and timely updates on this thread so far--wish more search committees did that!


@crito @Phantasia @providence dreamin (and others) Providence should be notifying Ancient finalists this week--we are conducting a parallel search, which has slowed down aspects of our process.

The rain in spain

Interview request for LOGOS postdoc in epistemology


nice pfo from Georgetown Qatar

Georgetown Qatar Cup

Didn't make it out of the Group Stage (PFO from Georgetown Qatar)


Any news on Baruch?


Also seeking info on Trinity University, if anyone has any.


Request for interview at Seattle University https://philjobs.org/job/show/21478


newb here, what's pfo stand for? I get the gist of what it is, but don't actually know what it stands for. thx.

East Coaster

please eff off. (A polite rejection.)


@richard PFO stands for Please Fuck Off. I had to google it when I first got here.


@richard: PFO = please, fornicate off


Has anyone heard from the following?

UC Davis
UT Arlington
Penn Business Ethics
Texas Tech
Maryland (assistant prof)


@east coaster, @herewego, @pfoenthusiast, love it, thanks very much!


Interview request via email for Creighton University (ancient, TT)

dartmouth pfo

PFO from Dartmouth Society of Fellows

pfo oh no

@dartmouth pfo, was it a standard pfo or any other info? Wondering if mine's delayed or I'm still in the running

friendly friend

@anon a close friend received an interview request for Wabash on Friday

Holy Cross

Zoom interview request, Holy Cross (19th. century phil)


Any word from Indiana Bloomington?


On-campus interviews scheduled for Univ Memphis (race/gender TT)

El Paso

Interfolio letter request for UTEP (ethics) received today.

IU 4 U?

@indiana? I have it on good authority that IU has not moved to interviews just yet


Interview request for Xavier's PPP program


letter request from BU for the post doc



PFO: Cambridge Lipton Lectureship


Invitation for first round interview at Skidmore https://philjobs.org/job/show/21586

Hoping for hope

Has anyone who sent additional materials to SUNY Binghamton heard back from them since then?


Anyone hear from NCSU on their logic search after the Nov 11 email asking whether you'd still like to be considered?

BU hopeful

@herewego did BU contact you about letters, or did they just directly request letters from your references?


Sorry if this has been mentioned, but any news on the USC job?



Any news on Harvard Embedded EthiCS?


@Hoping for hope, Binghamton requested letters from me in Nov and crickets since

@BU hopeful, I received an email requesting letters. Another friend also received a request to have references uploaded.


@Hoping for hope: nope, haven't heard back from them. Not even clear if they are selecting Zoom interviewees from among those who submitted further materials, or if this is the basis for campus visit invitations...


The application deadline got extended for the USC job until Dec31 yesterday ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘

Not Actually an Insider

Re: WANTJOB, the USC job has extended its deadline to 12/31, so I doubt they will be making decisions before then.


Was the USC job always open open?

Yoo Es See

Re: USC jobs; I mean, by the language of the job description, it's a fishing expedition to see 'what's out there'; note that this would be to replace someone who recently left for Harvard so ...


Anything from Salve Regina or Swarthmore? I'm pretty sure their deadlines were back in October... :/

Berenstein Bears

Re: USC? It used to have an ancient AOC or at least asked for someone who could/would teach ancient. I suppose the situation has changed somehow or they weren't happy with the yield...


@USC? If my notes are correct, the ad initially was open AOS but wanted the ability to teach in history of philosophy (ancient).


@Harvard โ€” I have insider information that some initial ranking is underway this week for the Embedded EthiCS postdoc. But I don't know when they plan to send out interview requests.

info re usc

@USC: https://www.facebook.com/ralph.wedgwood/posts/pfbid02buvdtG8LXwwStu8J9G7KVD8K9iZX5dN7t3uhiGeLcPyUQ4kS2DB2RGzd2hHaHD4al

You Es See

re: goalposts and Berenstein Bears; ah, I see - I think I vaguely remember that. I can then see why they would have been disappointed with the initial intake; asking for an AOC of ancient is, I think, *basically* asking for an AOS for ancient; I'd imagine they just got a bunch of AOS-ancient applications and they probably weren't the types of people they were looking for - speculating.


Providence College has scheduled flyouts

providence non-dreaminโ€™

@crito, I assume that is Providence College (ancient), right?

Informed about USC

Re: USC search. Three weeks ago, Jake Nebel accepted an offer from Princeton and will be moving there soon. Since USC also just lost Zoe Johnson King to Harvard, they are presumably much more inclined to hire someone in ethics right now.

more USC

Porter Williams is also leaving USC in January (that's on Leiter's list of moves). I don't think they are only interested in ethics. I think they are trying to replace quite a lot of faculty they are bleeding (maybe more than those three, not sure).


@non-dreamin' yes! Thanks for clarifying


Anyone know anything about Yale or Michigan?

also not an insider

@DustbinMaterial, I assume you're asking about U Michigan (ancient, open rank). U Michigan has upcoming colloquium talks by ancient philosophers listed on their department webpage, so I'm assuming those are job talks and have crossed it off my own spreadsheet (for what that is worth).


Zoom interview request from Occidental

Miss Mich

re: also not an insider; I don't see such links anywhere. Where'd you see them? (There is one talk on ancient upcoming - but not sure if that is job talk or not)


PFO from Melbourne HPS-STS (TT)

Fight On

USC will make the case to their admin for several hires. Try your luck. They have needs in like everything other than higher-order logic.

pfo oh no

PFO Oxford Associate Professorship or Professorship of Philosophy 157052


Re: Michigan, I can confirm that Michigan has gone to fly outs for the open rank ancient search. Sorry!

Canada dreaming

Any news on Trent?

Yale info

@DustbinMaterial I have heard that Yale will go directly to flyouts. The person I talked to didn't know when.


@Canada dreaming As of 3 days ago I know (thanks to social media) that a prof there was actively reviewing apps and had not sent out interview requests.


Zoom interview request via email for Sweet Briar

got mail x 2

zoom interview request American University in Cairo
PFO Oxford Keble College

Purdue 4 u

Reference letter request, Purdue (Assistant Professor AI) https://philjobs.org/job/show/21490


Sweet Briar scheduling interviews


Email from Purdue to request reference letters (philosophy of AI junior search)

pfo oh no here we go

PFO from Cardiff, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in Philosophy - 15562BR


Letters requested from Lehigh (bioethics)


Letters requested from Lehigh University (TT, Bioethics). The email says an update on Zoom interviews will come mid-January.

Canada dreaming

Thanks @hope!


Hey @thesweetestbriar, can you say a little bit about when / how you were notified? Trying to decide if I have any reason to keep hoping...


Zoom interview request from U Wisconsin-Madison

living on the edge

Very nice personal email from Purdue asking for reference letters (Assistant Professor AI) https://philjobs.org/job/show/21490


Has anyone heard anything from Vassar's CogSci dept after 1st round interviews? I'm assuming they've moved on to finalists, since 1st round interviews seem to have finished on Nov 18th...

bearer of bad news

cogsci? Sorry to tell you this but I have a friend who had a flyout there this week. Seems like they've moved on. I heard they're trying to finish the search by winter break.

My command-R is worn out

Any news from NCSU, Ole Miss, Northern Arizona, Miami, Texas Tech, ...? Still so much silence!


Short listed for the Killam Memorial
Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Alberta

Third Time's a Charm

First round zoom interview request from Governors State.


first round interview for DePaul (TT, phenomenology)


@Yale info, thanks. Just to be clear, does this mean that some candidates have already been contacted?


@noideawhatsgoingon is that the feminist philosophy job or a different search?

This one? https://careers.insidehighered.com/job/2619519/assistant-professor-tenure-track-philosophy-feminist-philosophy-23-24-/?TrackID=126192&utm_source=jbe&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=%5bYYYY-MM-DD%5d&BatchID=2288&JobAlertId=310473

Berenstain Bears

@herewego Presumably they mean this one: https://www.higheredjobs.com/faculty/details.cfm?JobCode=178142528&Title=Assistant%20Professor%20%28Tenure%20Track%29%20%2D%20Philosophy%2FPhenomenology%20%2823%2D24%29


Another first round for governors state.


ah, great, thanks @Berenstain Bears


First-round interviews for DePaul Feminist Phil, over Zoom - e-mail invite earlier today.


First round interview request from Northwestern (moral/political TT).


Anything on Salve Regina, Swarthmore, Maryland, or Widener?


Any news on either NYU or Sarah Lawrence?


Longlisted at Penn LEMM search.


PFO U Maryland College Park


Pfo from Maryland (ethics TT).


PFO U. of Maryland-College Park (Assistant Professor, Ethics)

Pennt Up

@Penn How did they contact you? Are they scheduling interviews?

pfo oh no

PFO Salvesen Junior Fellowship at Oxford

pfo oh no

PFO Maryalnd

"the search committee kept your application in the pool, under consideration, until quite late in the process - and selections near the end had less to do with research excellence, and more to do with area-needs, teaching needs, and consideration of the special requirements included the job ad" oof


Anyone heard back from the LSE episodic memory/AI postdoc?


Zoom interview request, Indiana U Bloomington (TT, epistemology or mind or history of early modern)


did everyone who is reporting a PFO from Maryland get the same message as pf oh no? or did some get more generic PFOs? basically I want to know if it's a good sign I haven't heard anything!


Indiana Zoom interview request

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