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TCU PFO (after the first-round interview)


Any news about Cardiff after their final interviews?

pfo oh no

PFO Warwick Law/Value/Ethics


Reference Request St. Bonaventure University

PFO season

Tentative (but in all reality an actual) PFO from TCU after first round. Disappointing, of course (especially because I felt the first round went really well). But totally props to TCU for their outstanding professionalism and clarity. It’s nice to be given some professional respect in what often feels like a dehumanizing and humiliating process.


Nothing from Thomas Jefferson since first-round interview

still confused about York

Does anyone know anything about whether the York cog sci job has interviewed anyone yet? Some people reported PFOs but I haven't heard anything either way

waiting waiting waiting

Anyone heard back about the McCoy postdocs at Stanford or the Olmsted postdoc at Lafayette College? Thanks!


Also wondering about another school: Fairfield. I haven’t heard a peep and had decided to count it as a PFO but thought I’d ask


PFO Urbana Champaign HRI-Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Humanities as Social Practice

York info

@still confused - York has scheduled flyouts as of a few weeks ago. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news


Really kind PFO from Emory after I think a pretty good first round interview. Email was personalized and included encouraging, useful feedback about specific aspects of my application/interview. This is maybe the most actively positive I've felt about a PFO, thanks Emory!


Anyone hear from Skidmore about flyouts? I was told they'd tell us one way or the other, but no word yet.


Has Vassar scheduled fly outs after the first round?

Vanderbilt and UCSD

Just adding some info here in response to a couple queries on the previous page: Vanderbilt (bioethics) moved on to flyouts after first round Zoom interviews in December and that UCSD (social/political) went straight to flyouts.

1 minute to industry

@fairfield ... wasn't the deadline like, last week?


@waiting, Vassar has scheduled fly outs.


@skidmore? They sent out on campus invitations about a week ago but the process with details has been really slow.


@1 minute: one of their positions had a very late deadline. My mistake! I meant their Non-Western TT position which had a Dec 1 deadline.


Does anyone know the timeline for RPI?

A slow and insidious killer

Any word on the Minnesota Center for philosophy of science postdoc?


Hopkins has recruited Katharina Kraus from Notre Dame.

Hopkins inquirer

Hopkins advertised two vacancies, no?


Got an email from UF for the mind/epistemology position letting me know that they have scheduled fly-outs but that I am on their "long-short list."


Any word on Oxford Keble or UCLA?


anything on UT arlington flyouts after zoom interviews?

hopkins stuff

I believe that the KK hire at Hopkins has been in the works since before these jobs were posted. That doesn't mean that they aren't using one of the lines for her, but it also doesn't mean that they necessarily are (plus, they seem to be able to hire whenever/whoever they want, it's just a matter of them finding the people they want) so I wouldn't read anything one way or the other into the relationship between this hire and the job ads this year.


@RPI______, they said they are hoping to have something to share in a week or so at the end of my first rounder (today).


Any updates on Baruch?

RPI also

@ rpi___ -- I heard they might send flyout invitations (and hopefully notify those who don't get flyouts) by late next week. But hard to be sure.


Invitation to interview Brown PPE post doc


Thanks for the helpful Hopkins input. They did advertise two positions, so might still have one or (hopefully) two to fill. But I'm assuming not a Kantian.


Invitation for a campus visit at Salve Regina.


Does anyone know what's going on at Oregon State? Nobody seems to have heard anything, and it's been a while.

Job market neurotic

Dear moderator! Thanks for giving us the chance to report here. Would it be possible to include a link to the last page on the first page? to make it faster and easier to access the latest posts in this discussion. I'm going crazy every time. Thank you so much!


@ Job market neurotic
I suggest using the "recent comments" links on the right side of the page (you might have to scroll down a bit). Often there will be a new comment from someone on the reporting thread, and clicking it will take you to the last page.


Anyone has any news about Chapman, LSE, or USC's TT positions? Just checking off the final few remaining on my list...


@job market neurotic - I just bookmark the most recent page and add it to my favorites bar. I replace it when we get to a new page.


Use an RSS (feed) reader! I use netnewswire on ios. Get a little beep every time there's a new post. Better than compulsively checking it.


interview request for georgia state lecturer position in bioethics


Campus interview request today from Drexel University (TT, Bioethics/Neuroethics).

hope springs eternal

@ ? I've still heard nothing from Baruch

hope springs eternal

@ OxUC Also heard nothing from Keble

1 minute to industry

@ ? I have heard nothing about the Baruch environmental position nor about the lecturer position. don't know which you are asking about but there hasn't been a ton of news here that i can recall. i do think they interviewed for a third position, but i forget what that was. look back a page or two, i had an exchange with someone here about it.


Zoom interview request for NTT phil sci position at Loyola Chicago.


Any news about Brown, LSE, USC, KCL (ethics), or Oxford (assoc prof, ethics)?

mike f. tompkin

anyone heard anything about the jobs

that seems a tad unprofessional

Impersonal PFO from NUS Open Rank professorship...cc'ing (not BCC'ing) every other rejected applicant...


Has anyone heard anything about the Emerson Philosophy and Critical Theory position (not the Ethics and Values one from earlier)? Or about Phillips Academy?

LSE and Me


I haven't heard anything back from the LSE, but I have definitely given up hope on that one.


very publicly PFO'ed, NUS open rank professorship


PFO from Eindhoven.

you win some you lose some

Interview request Bilkent, PFO Eindhoven.


still nothing from Thomas Jefferson, for those who did first round interviews?


PFO NUS Open rank and Eindhoven Phil Sci


@TJU, sorry, Thomas Jefferson has moved to fly outs.


Had a letter pull today from PageUp, looks to be either from Marist or the Carleton post doc? Anyone else?

PFOh no

PFO Loyola University Chicago (non-TT)

Oxford news

Rejection from Oxford, TT in Ethics and Moral Psychology.


@you win some you lose some: wow, Bilkent was fast! The deadline was just 3 days ago!


LSE asked for letters. Maybe only for long list?

vroom vroom

@clover emoji - was there more than one drexel position? the deadline for the biomedical ethics tt was only 1/9/23, so i'm surprised to hear they're already at flyouts?


anything from ut arlington on flyouts?

Qu Hsueh Ming

While notifying unsuccessful job applicants to our open rank position at NUS, the candidates were mistakenly cc'ed instead of bcc'ed by a search committee member. This was a horrible mistake on our part. It did not show respect for those job applicants who applied for our position; it was an egregious violation of privacy; and worst of all, it has potentially harmed many vulnerable members of our profession, particularly those who might be in precarious employment. Going on the job market is a stressful enough experience at the best of times; to our shame, we have made things unequivocally worse for those who have trusted us enough to apply to our position. There's no excuse. We have to do better, and we will do better. We are reviewing our application handling procedures, including communication with applicants, to ensure that there is no repeat of this incident. We sincerely apologise to everyone affected by this error.


Has anyone heard any news about Bowdoin or University of St. Thomas?


Has anyone heard any news from St. John's College?

nothing but

Nothing from St. John's College for me anonymous.

What about the Louise M. Olmsted Fellow in Ethics at Lafayette College. Anyone?

it's not confidental, apparently

@Mike F — Somebody told me that you had a TT that looked like a VAP that I had in February of last year...


campus invite from Drexel Friday and from UConn today


Just want to thank @Qu Hsueh Ming for their kind explanation and apology note.


Nothing from St. John's for me either. I imagine they got a huge number of applications, since their jobs are open to anyone in the A&S.

Qu Hsueh Ming

@notme: while I appreciate the sentiment, thanks is the last thing we merit right now. If you were affected by this mishap I apologise deeply. I'd also like to apologise to @that seems a tad unprofessional, @o.O, and @morePFOs.

Debbie Downer

@ fwiw and others, I know someone already got an on-site interview at St. John’s.

A Non

Interview request for Eastern Kentucky chair position

bowdoin before the one you serve

@anonymous at 1:15pm, Bowdoin went to first-round interviews a few weeks ago, but I haven’t hears anything since. Perhaps you knew this and this news is redundant. Apologies if so.


Some people reported PFO's from UC Davis a while back. I didn't get one, but I also haven't got anything else from them. Does anyone have info on that? Have I fallen through the cracks?


@Outed also heard nothing from them.


@outed, happens all the time, unfortunately. I don't know why in 2023 this is the state of our discipline.

More communication

I emailed Chapman to ask about my application status, and was told I'm no longer being considered. I assume they have moved on in the process without sending and PFOs


Bowdoin has moved on to flyouts -- a colleague of mine is preparing for their job talk. Sorry for bearing this bad news

still SERCing

MIT has made an offer for the SERC philosophy postdoc

soke and a pancake

Somehow preemptively PFOd from all 8 Utrecht jobs.

1 minute to industry

@More communication, for the postdoc/research position or something else? i applied for the 'research associate' position and haven't heard anything

More communication

@ 1 minute... It was the TT Philosophy STEM mentor position, sorry for the confusion


Invitation to interview for the duke postdoc in the history of philosophy

Georgia State

Remote interview request from Georgia State for the Lecturer in Bioethics position. Got the email on 1/27/23.

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