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Western New England news post zoom interviews?

A slow and insidious killer

Nothing from Western New England on my end. No Northern Arizona PFO either.


anyone heard from

Oregon State or Central Conn State?


@good luck to us both!: Thanks! I probably misunderstood what they said, lol


Kind email from Western about moving on to flyouts and keeping me in mind if those don't work out.

A slow and insidious killer


Western New England? Or some other western? thank you.


@A slow and insidious killer Sorry, Western University in Ontario.

Bummer about Warwick

which Northern Arizona position are we talking? The Assistant *Teaching* Professor deadline was only in January. That's pretty quick for PFOs if so

Still dreaming!

@Bummer, my PFO was for the TT job, https://philjobs.org/job/show/22054.

Bummer about Warwick

PFO Warwick


PFO warwick


@bummer, the political philosophy TT job


anyone know what is going on with the brown history search?


Anything from U San Diego, UCSD, Northwestern sociopolitical, UNCCH, SLU Madrid, LSE?


I saw one post about Trent (pol phil) moving to flyouts. Can anyone confirm?


Sorry if this has already been asked (tried to check), but has anyone heard anything about USC tt job since they changed the deadline?


I'm kind of assuming EMU went to flyouts already, since they said they would notify this week. Can someone confirm?

The San(ds) of Time Run Slow

U of San Diego? Wasn't the deadline...yesterday?

Semi-inside USC

@WANTJOB I believe long-listing is happening soon, not sure at what point people will be contacted.


@Anon Northwestern socio-political wrapped up on campus job talks this or last week. not sure about your other asks.


Zoom for RPI (cog sci)

Not yet RIP with RPI

Zoom interview request with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Zoom interview request for Philosophy in the Cognitive Science Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Western New England is moving on to fly outs.

BU society of fellows pfo

Adding to the queries

I know there are a lot of “has anyone heard?” posts, but curious: Fairfield, Alma, and Northeastern (environmental)?


@Bummer about Warwick and @PFO warwick for the med school value law and ethics job?


Zoom interview invite for RPI cog sci

some news

Alma did interviews a few weeks ago


Zoom interview invite for SLU-Madrid


@snoopin warwick pfo was for continental / post kantian european philosophy job


Has Grinnell scheduled fly outs?


Does anyone know what happened with UCLA (open)?

nau zoom interviews

Zoom interview request today (1/19) for TT job in Political/Legal/Social Philosophy at NAU. Job ad here: https://philjobs.org/job/show/22054

hoping for good news

any news about LSE, assistant professor?

Go Aggies?

Anyone hear anything from Utah State (TT, phil sci) following interviews?


@Go Aggies? I haven't heard back from Utah State after Zoom interviews. FWIW, I had the impression they weren't getting back to applicants until closer to the end of the month.

Chapel Hill

Hey all, any idea what NC Chapel Hill's new PPE Teaching Assistant Professor post means (if anything) for their TT job also specializing in PPE? Anyone have insider info about whether this means they didn't get funding for the TT position, or they're just hiring additional people? Thanks!

No Hope

PFO from Hope College. It says "The committee met recently, and we regret to inform you...", but it seems like they must've met a while time ago, since interviews were reported a while ago. Maybe the verbiage was written back then, but the PFOs are coming now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Muffin Man

Purdue (TT, Ethics) just sent me a request for a zoom interview


EMU went to on-campus (got my conditional PFO).


Invitation to on campus interview at Skidmore.


@Chapel Hill I don't have inside info, but I do know that the PPE Teaching Assistant Professor post is a regular position UNC advertises each year. So I don't think them advertising it means anything for the TT line!


@Chapel Hill -- I believe that the PPE Teaching Assistant Professorships at UNC are the same positions that they've had in past years. I wouldn't infer that this means anything for the TT position.


Notification of shortlist from the Mellon Postdoctoral fellowship in modeling interdisciplinary enquiry at WashU in St. Louis.

They said they'll do zoom interviews in the 2nd half of February and make an offer in early march.

Boston Area Bound???

Any news from Bridgewater today?


Nothing from Bridgewater here


Confirming: Trent has moved to flyouts, Snoopin'


Grinnell has scheduled fly outs

Back in the Saddle

Any news on the Hunter open rank ethics TT search?

J says hi to A

Nothing from Bridgewater here either.


Purdue Zoom interview request


Has anyone heard anything from St. Johns about their tutor position? It's been about a month since the deadline, so I figured I'd ask.

all over the place

nothing from Bridgewater here either

also nothing yet from St. john’s college

Update on Hunter

Hunter has 1st round interviews scheduled.

ATLien Hopeful

Has anyone heard anything from Emory after first-round interviews a couple of weeks ago?


Any tea for why the Stanford Phil Physics vacany hasn't yet been filled (https://philosophy.stanford.edu/about/job-opportunities)? "Review of applications" began Nov 1 2021!


I had an interview with western New England. Haven’t received an email about a fly out. Am I done?

The system operators suck

@Hopeful, often departments will hold out (cruelly, imo) on notifying everyone until people accept their on-campus invite (others will wait until an offer is accepted or just not tell you at all). Technically, if people refuse the invite or no one accepts an offer, you could still be in the game. However, in practice, yes, you're done.


Bridgewater State campus interview invite


Also Bridgewater on campus. From their possible dates, it looks like they are inviting 3-4 people.

Chicago living

Has anyone heard more from Governors State after their first rounds?


@Chicago living I had a first round with Governors State on Thursday. No word yet.


Very kind PFO from Buffalo (applied ontology)


Any word from Oregon State? It's been a minute.

harper web problem

Anyone else submitting things for the Harper Fellow position has problems uploading? I do not know where to upload my docs, since there is no link

Last two on my list

Any word from Villanova or Emerson (phil and critical theory position)? It's been like a month.

the thing with feathers

Hope College (TT Ancient/Medieval search) has moved to fly-outs


Any news on Hope Teaching Professor/Instructor position? Email from December indicated they would interview this month. Has anyone received an invitation to interview for this position or already interviewed?


Any update from Vanderbilt bioethics?

you en cee

Has anyone heard about the UNC PPE TT job? The deadline was way back and a few people here seem to have some inside information

Featherless Biped

PFO Mellon MII postdoc at WUSTL.

Somewhere after N

Anyone else get no interview or Pfo from Buffalo (applied ontology) or am I just waiting on the pfo because my last name is later in the alphabet?


Anything on Haifa?

In solidarity, even if unhelpful

I have inside knowledge about the [timeline and/or status] of [advertised position] at [institution], which someone has asked about, and I really want to share this knowledge with you, my fellow job marketeers, but I'm not at liberty to say anything about it, and also if I were just to say "Screw it!" and do so anyway, it's non-remotely possible that someone at [institution] would hear about my doing so, and that could go badly for me.

Sorry, that's not helpful, but I bet at least a few of you out there feel or have felt similarly, so I share this in solidarity. :)


Any update on TCU after the first-round interview?

tcu update

@T I got a call this afternoon for a flyout.


Did Illinois State move to flyouts on the Phil Race position?

Dave Chappelle Hill

you en cee,

I haven't heard anything back from them or any juicy gossip about what is going on. I think that they will take a while, hence their PDFOs to try to stop some candidates from taking other positions while they wait.

The UNC PPE programme is huge and I think that they had a failed search last year, so there could be a lot possible issues.

you en cee

@Dave Chappelle Hill Thanks! Do you think that if I haven't received a PDFO, I should take that as a PFO? Rationally I know I'm not getting the job, but I grew up in Durham so emotionally I need more evidence before I can put myself out of my misery and cross it off the list!


Just got an interview request from UNC, PPE TT. Sorry!


Any word from Salve Regina after first round interviews?


@ TCU update: thank you! Best luck to you :)


Any news on the Cornell Mellon postdoc?


Interview request from UNC, TT position in PPE

Me Also

Interview request from UNC, TT position in PPE


Any word from Thomas Jefferson after first-round interviews?

win some, lose some

Interview request for NIH Bioethics post doc. PFO Harold T. Shapiro Bioethics post doc (Princeton).


PFO Princeton's Harold T. Shapiro Bioethics Post-Doc


Anything from SLC about flyouts?


PFO victoria metaphysics postdoc


@Salve, I also have not heard anything from Salve Regina since first round interviews. (It's been about three weeks, so I assumed I didn't make the cut...)


pfo utah state


@Salve, @anonymouse, I also have not heard from Salve Regina after an interview three weeks ago.


UIUC has posted the list of job talks for their open rank AI and/or value theory search: https://calendars.illinois.edu/list/4705

Gregg Popovich

Zoom interview invite for Texas A&M - San Antonio.


PFO USC society of fellows. 565 applications.

job talk?

@UIUC - when you see these kinds of lists, how can you tell who is giving a job talk and who is just giving a normal colloquium talk?


@UIUC, not everyone on that list is a finalist, and not every finalist is on that list.

not the op

@job talk? abductive internet reasoning, which can lead to misinformation, unnecessary heartbreak, and gossip, but nevertheless sometimes contains a grain of truth.

Cornell Mellon

Cornell Mellon postdoc has extended an offer and informed alternate(s). Sorry @justwondering.

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