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@Narizona I received a PFO email from the HR office.

"Thank you for applying for the position of Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Job ID# 606720, in our department. Your qualifications have been carefully reviewed. However, at this time, we are pursuing candidates with skills and experience which more closely match the position."


@herewego thanks for clarifying!

Same boat

@Wondering... Also haven't heard back on a definite time for the interview yet at Utah State


UIUC requesting letters.

Random Man

@weevil knievel can you clarify: They asked finalists for 3 - 4 letters, or they contacted references asking them for letters?

Fightin' Illini

Letter request from UIUC (Value Theory)


Request for letters from Illinois.



UIUC TT Phil of AI letters requested (mine went to spam so I'm happy (?) I checked here and then did the desperate search thru my gmail. Best of luck to you all out there in similar straits).


Also received a letter request from Illinois State, TT in Phil Race


@Narizona I am no the OP but I got an email PFO from Northern Arizona


Cold call from the Chair of Siena College to schedule first round interviews

weevil knievel

@Random Man they asked applicants for 3-4 letters to be delivered directly to an email address, and have now started sending invitations for remote interviews


Interview request at Boston University


@BU! BU! Is this for the TT in phil science? (I assume not for the post doc)


@ herewego: May I ask if you received a phone call or email?

to p or not-p

PFO from Toronto IHPST, History of Math


TT, philosophy of science and applied ethics search.

other Nov 1

anything from Yale or Northwestern?


@lottery from Siena College? phone call

early deadline

Does anyone know what's going on with UCLA's open search?

first timer

@BU! BU!: sorry for the questions, but did you receive the request via email? did it sound like they sent it out to a group of people at once, or was it tailored?


Has anyone on Chicago's long list heard back?

Random Man

Well all my applications are dead now. See y'all next year!

Notre LAME

@ND, if they were just going to interview senior/famous people and skip the first round of interviews, you kinda wish they would have just kept doing the informal thing and saved the rest of us the trouble.

Curious in Texas

@herewego, since it was an open/open search I'm curious to know what your AOS and AOC are, provided of course that you're comfortable sharing it. Thanks!


Anyone heard anything about the final shortlist for Providence (ancient)


@WANTJOB PC made decisions about Ancient finalists this evening and should be announced in a few days--there are still some administrative hurdles to clear between now and when the Department can contact candidates!

Nov 1 deadlines

Anything from UMaryland, Toronto Mississauga, UCSD?

still waiting in Chicago

Anything from Governors State?


Interview request at Northeastern, Ethics/Health 11/29


Interview request from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.



Any news from Salve Regine (Social Political) or Swarthmore (Peace & Conflict)?


GU Qatar has invited people to submit additional materials (teaching dossier and references)


Interview request from Vanderbilt (open w/ AI focus).

Failing at the whole Stoicism thing

Has anyone heard from Baylor College of Medicine about second round interviews for their Clinical Ethics Fellowship?


PFO: Wisconsin-Madison (Ass. Prof / Phil Science)

no badgers

PFO from Madison phil science TT

One down, not enough left to go

PFO from Wisconsin (phil sci). Woohoo, first (of many, I’m sure) for the year.


PFO, UW Madison (TT Philosophy of Science)


Pfo UW Madison Phil science TT

A slow and insidious killer

PFO from Wisconsin-Madison

help me

Has anyone heard from any of these schools with Nov 1 or earlier deadlines?

Elon (especially interested in this one!)
Salve Regina
NYU Liberal Studies


Here is hoping

Request for first round interview from Elon.

hail mary

Zoom interview request, University of Mary (Bismarck, ND) - Ethics search


Just got a first round interview request from Elon via email.

also hoping

@Here is hoping was it for the history/critical canon job or for the political job?

Here’s hoping

@also hoping: the political job

history person

@also hoping Received a request today for the history/critical canon position


Re: Associate Position at Maryland (AOS: Ethical Theory - https://philjobs.org/job/show/21442), people on a long short-list have been contacted and asked for additional materials.

This does *not* apply to the Assistant Position! As far as I know, no one has been contacted regarding that.

(heard this from a friend, don't have more details, sorry!)


Re: Elon—any sense on how many they are interviewing for each?


Thanks for reporting for your friend, @Maryland-Associate, you're doing god's work!

Also seconding @Curious' question about numbers for the first round Elon interviews.


Has anyone heard from York University (Philosophy of Cognitive Science)?

East Coaster

Smith has made an offer, and it has been accepted. (Not to or by me, but I report this on very good authority.)

Ten I see

Vanderbilt (bioethics) has also proceeded with interview requests.

hanging in

Has anyone heard anything from Bucknell?


@hanging in: I had an issue with a late reference letter last week and when I spoke with the chair I’d the committee it *seemed* like they hadn’t started ranking yet.

Generally on the market

Has anyone heard about the generalist position at The College of Idaho (https://philjobs.org/job/show/21398)? It's been almost five weeks since the deadline.

Only takes one, said the baseball coach

Interview request from Bucknell just now.



invitation to interview from Bucknell


Has anyone heard from Berkeley Understanding (Non)Citizenship?

No Chicago

Received a kind PFO from U. Chicago (off the long-list)


UChicago has scheduled Zoom interviews.


Any word on Manhattan College or Trinity University?

Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another...

A friend received a Manhattan College interview request earlier today.

That Was Fast

Kansas State U. (Ethics or Social and Political Philosophy, Assistant Prof.) interview request.

Don’t Paso on Me

Interfolio letter request from UTEP (social and political, with a focus on immigration).


Kansas State is scheduling zoom interviews.

Philly Gal

Any word on Widener or Thomas Jefferson?


Has anyone heard from Macalester?


Any news on NYU’s history of phil position?


The next two weeks are it, good luck everyone!


Boston College (Ancient) Zoom Interview Invite


Interview request for Caltech postdoc in philosophy of science

The umpire's drunk, said the baseball coach.

Just received a Milwaukee School of Engineering interview request. Four days after I crossed it off my spreadsheet because I saw someone post an invite on here.



Any update from SUNY Binghamton?

Hoping for hope

Request for letters from Purdue University (TT, Ethics)


Purdue Letter Request, TT Ethics https://philjobs.org/job/show/21486


Any updates from Sarah Lawrence?

Go Boilermakers?

Letter request, Purdue (Assistant Professor, Ethics)


Also request for letters from Purdue.



Also got a letter request from Purdue (TT, Ethics), just to offer an additional data point. No idea how long the longlist is, sorry.

early November crickets

Anyone have any updates on the following? Penn (TT, core analytic), Pitt (open), U Washington (TT, normative ethics), Seattle U (TT, multiple AOSs), U Florida (TT, core), Macalester, Vassar, or MIT?


Purdue letter request (looks like there are lots of us lol)

Third Time's a Charm

PFO from Elon Critical Cannon Studies.


PFO Elon University (Critical Canon Studies/History of Philosophy)


Also a PFO from Elon, Critical Cannon


PFO Elon critical canon as well

Anyone heard anything from Governors State?


PFO Elon, Political Philosophy



PFO Elon Political Philosophy

another anon

PFO Elon, Political Philosophy


Also PFO Elon, Political Philosophy


Vague email from Hope College, but I'd rather they say something than nothing!

"This search is certainly ongoing and your application remains under consideration for this position, but I wanted you to be aware that, because of our efforts in multiple searches, we anticipate that zoom interviews for this position will likely be held in January"

Re: Assistant Professor of Philosophy Instruction


PFO Elon, Political Philosophy


Has anyone heard from Chapman university (STEM mentor position)?

Making boils.

Did maybe Purdue ask for letters from all applicants?

Feeling hopeless

@Making boils - I can assure you they did not, I applied but didn't receive a request for letters.


@Making boils, I don't think so. It included the line: "The search committee has had its initial meeting and would like to request that you have your letters of recommendation sent to us." That makes me think they made some sort of cut.


@early_November_crickets Email requests for first round interviews for U Washington (TT, normative ethics) have been sent out.


@Making boils:
"The search committee has had its initial meeting and would like to request that you have your letters of recommendation sent to us."

Sounds like at least some narrowing down occurred. But whether this is a longlist or a *really* long list is unclear.

providence dreamin'?

Just to confirm, since the word is that the committee met to finalize interview plans about a week ago: no one has yet heard from Providence College (ancient), right?

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