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PFO: Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow/Associate Professor position at ACU.


Any updates about the ancient phil research positions at Tubingen?


3 years Postdoc on Autonomy at the University Glasgow, Scotland: invited today for the interview.


Postdoc interview for phil.sci research project (species and conservation policy) at the University of Copenhagen.


Anyone heard from Australian Catholic University about the three lectureships in the Western Civ department? It was advertised over the (northern) summer.


PFO from Cambridge Centre for the Future of Intelligence Assistant Professor job.


PFO Cambridge Trinity College JRF

non-tt faculty

Victoria University of Wellington - #4661 Lecturer in Philosophy has asked for a writing sample.


PFO/R&R ERC starting grants.


PFO Oxford Nuffield Contemporary Political Theory


PFO from University of Melbourne Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science.


PFO from York University (UK).


Smith (lecturer) has scheduled interviews.


Request for Letters (Emerson College)


@WANTJOB, did they email you to send letters? I am just curious to know how they manage it. Thanks!


@lollol, yep, they emailed me to ask for letters (they didn't ask for them in the initial application).


Has anyone heard back from CAIS regarding interviews for their postdoc?


@anon I received an interview request


Anyone hear any news re: the TT position in Classical Education at Hillsdale College (Philosophy PhDs were welcome to apply)?


Anyone hear any news regarding the TT position in Classical Education at Hillsdale College (Philosophy PhDs were welcome to apply)?


Has anyone heard back from the UWO post-doc in ethics and artificial intelligence?


Have folks heard from Notre Dame yet?


PFO from St John's, Cambridge JRF

non-tt faculty

Victoria University of Wellington - #4661 Lecturer in Philosophy has scheduled interviews.


Zoom interview, Victoria University of Wellington (Lecturer in Philosophy)

First cut

I got a request for letters and writing sample from the SLU open/open position.


Just like "First cut," I received a request for letters and writing sample from SLU.


PFO Christ College, Cambridge JRF

oddly no HOPE

Has anyone heard from Hope College?

you can have hope

isn't the deadline at Hope College Nov 8th? Why would anyone have heard from them?

Random Man

Any word from Manhattan College (Open/Open)?


@Random Man, I haven't heard anything from them.


“SLU” means Saint Louis University, right?

SLU = saint louis university

Ditto request for letters and sample from SLU. They must be drip-feeding them.

the billikens

Confirmed drip-feed request for letters and writing sample from SLU (just received Sat. Nov. 5)

SLU confirmation?

Has anyone received any confirmation that they (SLU) received the letters and writing sample? I did send everything to the designated email but no confirmation. Maybe I am worrying too much...?

the billikens

@SLU confirmation, I haven't received confirmation (other than an Interfolio one for letters) but I wouldn't stress about it--they'll reach out if they need to, I figure!


Another drip -- request for letters and WS from SLU received yesterday (Nov. 5)


Interview for Cal State San University Bernardino


I also had a request for letters for both Emerson and SLU (also asked for writing sample)

Men's College

Interview for Hampden-Sydney College (TT, open)


Rejections today - JRF for Christ's College Cambridge and Erasmus University Rotterdam (progressed to interviews)


first round interviews requested for Vassar TT Cognitive Science job (NOT the analytic phil job).


Interview request from Emerson College (TT, ethics and values perspective)


Has anyone heard from the University of Canterbury (TT, AI ethics)? They said shortlisting has commenced, but I haven't received any update so far. Maybe I am out?


Interview request University of Canterbury


Request for letters from Cal Poly Pomona.

post doc ergo propter doc

Letters requested from Northeastern (TT bioethics).


Request letters from Wisconsin-Madison


Has anyone else heard from Madison?


Has anyone who applied to the history of philosophy job at Rotterdam got replies from them? (They said they would contact the applicants during the "first week of November")


What does it mean to say that SLU is "drip feeding" requests? I also received a request for letters and WS from SLU last week and assumed I had been shortlisted. Is this likely not the case?

rick majerus

I took 'drip-feeding' requests for letters and writing sample to mean that SLU did not send requests to candidates all at once but spread them out over the course of several days. Your not receiving a request at the time of the first request reporting here wasn't evidence that one wasn't still coming. You probably made it past some sort of first cut, whether that's a shortlist or a 'longlist.'


OP of Drip-feeding question here: thanks for the clarification, @rick majerus, that helps


@rotterdamhistory, @herewego posted that Erasmus progressed to interviews. I applied, but have not heard anything.


@stillwaiting I noticed that. But there are multiple positions at EUR and it seems that @herewego applied one of the other positions. Thanks for your input anyways!


@rotterdamnhistory and @stillwaiting

I was referring to their TT job in Philosophy of Media and Technology (focus on feminist phil, etc.)

good luck on the other rotterdam post!


Has anyone heard from Universität Hamburg (postdoc, Historical Epistemology/ History of Science)? The deadline was a month ago. Time to cross out?

Random Man

Automatic email from Providence College acknowledging receipt of Reference Letters; worth mentioning since I believe that my letters were all sent some time before the application deadline (Monday).


@Random Man: that's strange, as I received confirmation emails (both from Providence and Interfolio) the same day that I submitted my application, which was a couple of weeks ago.

Hopeful Husky

Also got the Northeastern (Bioethics TT) request for letters on Tuesday. But Interfolio wasn't able to upload the letters. Contacted chair of the search and they said they were experiencing difficulties and the requests would be re-sent out. Haven't received a second request yet though.

Thomas Aquinas

Interview request from Providence College.


Request for more documents, Providence College (Ancient Philosophy)

PFO Collector

@Hamburg - it's Germany, so it might take a long time to hear anything. Give it a couple more months.


@PFO Collector: thanks, lol


PFO from Rotterdam (history of philosophy)

Thomas Aquinas

I had to google what PFO meant... I must admit that I love the concept.


Has anyone heard from NCSU about the logic and related fields position? It’s been about three weeks since applications closed so I’m starting to think I didn’t make the first round.


PFO from Glasgow’s research position in social epistemology

Random Man

@Thomas Aquinas is that the Thomism job or the Ancient job that the interview request came for?


Someone posted this over on the discussion thread but I thought I'd move it over here: anyone heard from Tulane or UC Davis?

Maybe it's too soon

Maybe it's too soon, but...Has anyone heard from York University-Canada (TT in Philosophy of Cognitive Science) and from Stirling (Lecturer in Mind, Epistemology, Language, etc.)? Thanks!


The job ad for UIllinois, Urbana Champaign suggests that everyone should get an email requesting reference letters a couple days after submission, but I have not received anything---are they only asking for letters from a shortlist?

Maybe it's too soon

@UIUC, I have applied too but I haven't received requests for letters.

that guy

I'd love it If these posts were exclusively *reporting* *results* from the job market. Inquiries about what other people have and have not heard, in my mind, is not reporting.

(and neither is this, but I hope you see the point).

Search Committee Estimates Are Like Plumbers' Estimates

Maybe it's too soon,

Stirling suggested an ambitious schedule for interviewing people less than one month after the deadine, but they are also hiring someone in value theory, so it was unrealistic IMO.

Also, Stirling hasn't hired a TT person in a very long time, so they might have underestimated what the current job market is like.


I'm not so sure - the Stirling application material were pretty minimal and UK departments pretty often manage to shortlist in about 3 weeks in my experience. Usually if there are two searches there will be two separate committees so that shouldn't slow things down too much. That said, the add said they hoped to shortlist within 3 weeks, and it has not yet been 3 weeks.


@that guy, FWIW, inquiries concerning results and result reporting have been closely connected in past years; e.g., it has been common for someone to ask, “Has anyone heard from University X?”, resulting in the otherwise-unreported response, “University X has sent out interview requests.”

So if past years are any indication, reducing inquiries would yield fewer result reports. Therefore, I don’t think we should discourage them here.

Cigar City dreamin’

University of South Florida (TT, ancient or medieval) has sent out first-round interview requests


Interview request from the University of Southern Florida (Ancient/Medieval)


Random question: did anyone apply for the following job(s) at Seattle University, https://philjobs.org/job/show/21478? Do you remember if you ever had the opportunity to input information for letters of recommendation? I didn't have the opportunity to do this, so I uploaded a document with my letter writers' info. I probably should have asked the search chair, but I never got around to it.


Sorry, I intended that question for the other thread. I'll copy/paste over there.

Lottery Player

@badgers I had my letters pulled by Wisconsin from Interfolio a few days after the deadline. They didn’t contact me or anything, just pulled them. So, no idea if @pforj made some cut that I/we didn’t, or if Wisconsin’s search committee simply didn’t have their letters for some reason and was just doing due diligence.


@NCIS: I received an email last night (Nov 11) from the search chair giving information about the process and asking if I still wanted to be considered in the search.


Anyone hear from James Madison University (AOS Non-Western)?

Sarah L.

Has anyone heard from Sarah Lawrence or know anything about that search? These 'open until filled' searches w/ no soft deadline always confuse me about timeline :(


@Sarah L. Their job ad on their site mentions that the review will begin on Nov 20.


PFO from UChicago (tenure-track, open)


PFO from UChicago


Sarah Lawrence ad says review will begin on November 20.

UChicago: nice and timely rejection of everyone not considered for an interview.

Second City

PFO UChicago (open-ish search)


PFO University of Chicago (TT, Open AOS)

Starting to trickle through

PFO from University of Chicago (open, junior).


Seconding that the Chicago PFO was very kind both re: politeness & re: timeliness!


Stirling PFOs have arrived.

longest list

optional request for additional writing materials from Chicago. Selection for interviews will take place "over the coming 2.5 weeks."


PFO from University of Stirling


PFO from Stirling

non-tt faculty

University of Stirling has scheduled interview for the position of Lecturer in Philosophy (FAC01634).

The Ohio State University - Tenure Track Faculty Position, Philosophy of Race has asked for a writing sample.


A clarification on an earlier post re Providence College. PC has not sent interview requests for either the Ancient or Thomism jobs. There was a request for additional materials (a response to the mission statement) for the Ancient job, but this does not constitute an interview request.

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