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a concerned reader

Good luck!
My brother lived in Miami for a bit ... you have my sympathies.

anon ancient

Good luck, Marcus. Now is a good time to thank you for this valuable resource and all the good it brings to the profession. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that we'll be thinking of you and your family through all this.

Daily reader

Please stay well and safe!! To you and your family and friends in Tampa.


Good luck and be safe!


Good luck and stay safe, Marcus!

Marcus Arvan

Thanks so much for the well wishes, everyone. I really do appreciate it. We’re okay here so far, but we have family down in Ft. Myers and some of our friends do too. We’re pretty worried them- fingers crossed they are okay.

Caleb W

Take care, you and yours, Marcus!

Marcus Arvan

@Caleb: finally found out just now that our family in Ft. Meyers are okay!

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