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Compulsive checker

I've been wondering about a different status that I've been seeing recently (for more than a week) for one of my papers, following the "under review" stage: "Editor has a decision." Does this just mean it's waiting for the managing editor to send it on? I guess I assumed that would be automatic at most journals.

stop worrying

People should not read too much into these. Some journals do not update the status regularly. And different journals use different categories. I speak as someone has published a lot and in many different journals.

Another compulsive checker

"Editor Invited" versus "Editor Assigned" is also puzzling, especially when it switches from the latter to the former.

Some Editorial Experience

Speaking with some experience as an editor of a major(ish) journal, 'Reviewers Assigned' can be ambiguous between whether the reviewers have accepted to review the paper or not. The system only updated to 'Under Review' when two reviewers have BOTH accepted to review the paper.

Also, related to one of Marcus' points above, if we have recieved two reviews, the system updates to 'Reviews Completed'. BUT, if we decided the paper needed a third reviewer (e.g. due to a split decision on the initial reviews), it NEVER changed back to 'Under Review'. I have no idea why this is the case, but it meant that some papers stay on 'Reviews Completed' for a long time as we are securing and waiting for a third review report before making a decision.

@ Another compulsive checker. One reason a paper can go from Editor Assigned to Editor Invited is if an associate editor has made a recommendation and has passed it onto the chief editor for a final decision. In this case, the system I've used goes from Assigned to Invited as the system 'invites' the chief editor to be assigned to the paper. The chief editor always says yes, but the system requires that they have to actually click a button to 'accept the invitation'. If the chief editor is particularly busy/away, this means the paper could remain on Editor Invited for a little while.

newly tt

This post and comments are further convincing me of what I already thought: those statuses don't reliably mean very much.

I recently submitted to a journal which updates me on every status change. I do not seem to be able to opt out of these updates and I sure would like to! If I'm going to drive myself nuts with anxiety and the unknown, it should be on my schedule, not some journal's.

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