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I'd recommend activities that get the students talking early on in class. They might not be fully awake yet.

Marcus Arvan

Guy Crain submitted this comment in the "how can we help you?" thread, so I've posted here instead:

Hi early career! The earliest I've taught are 9:30a classes, but I have some of the same challenges I suspect you're trying to overcome--sleepy students that aren't super engaged. I've tried to remedy that by making the class a lot more interactive (in-class assignments for small groups [usually no more than 3 per group] where they have to respond to thought experiments; when talking about work on rumors, I have them play the old telephone game; kahoots or live-polling questions; start with controversial cases and then require a yes/no vote on a question about the case [I run this discussion in a very Michael-Sandel-esque fashion: ask for just the show of hands for yay and nay, and then ask for reasons separately and in turn]). The thing I learned I had to avoid was thinking I could just talk at them for 75 minutes and keep their attention.


I really enjoyed teaching at 8.00 when I taught in Canada. The students self-select ... only keen students sign up for such classes. Do be considerate to the fact that it is early, and let them ease into it. But also stay alert to students who are drifting away ... then start a discussion.

Madeline Martin-Seaver

I also find 8AM classes are self-selecting! The students were generally less sleepy than 9AM or 10AM students. But I would recommend emphasizing whatever active learning strategies you like. It also helps to have an assignment due just before class, I think.

It's hard to get out of bed for an 8AM, especially as the mornings get dark. I found the 20-minute walk to campus very helpful. And there are definite perks to finishing your teaching at 11AM or noon.

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