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I use a Boox, which is quite impressive in terms of software features (essentially all the features of a normal tablet). It does lose some points in screen/pencil quality, which from what I can tell is the only selling point of the Remarkable.

The best feature for me is being able to sync my digital notes from my tablet into my online text-based notes so I have everything in one place.

F. Contesi

iPads are hard on the eyes for extensive reading, so they are not ideal in my experience for taking glosses "on the side of papers". I typically use an Onyx Boox for that, which spares me printing off papers. Remarkable does not have a built-in light, which means one has to have always enough external light to read/take notes. My Boox has no real downsides except that it has developed some screen defects after one or two years of use. The Ratta Supernote, or other more expensive (or newer) options (Huawei MatePad, Sony DPT) might be better in that respect. I might have bought a Supernote myself had it been more widely available at the time... This is a website-cum-YT-channel that I have found helpful: https://www.the-ebook-reader.com/ .


Surely the fact that the Remarkable costs $200 less than the same-size Supernote counts in its favor a little, no?

Richard Y Chappell

I like the Remarkable 2. If you just want to read PDFs and write on them, it's great. (Is anything else better for this purpose?) But obviously look elsewhere if you want normal tablet features.

Thomas Carroll

I also use the Boox and agree with Ethan. Sometimes the device feels a little like an experimental prototype, but after using it for about a year, I think I've figured out how to make good use of it.

In addition to using it for scholarly work, I also take notes on it during class that then immediately sync with my computer as PDF files. This is very handy for grading presentations and class participation.


I used an iPad, then a Boox, and then moved back to an iPad.

If you just want the note-taking function, I think e-ink devices are good. I've also heard good things about Supernote.

However, e-ink devices do not sync with my other devices (especially my computer) as smoothly as I expected. Again, the note-taking function is fine. But the reading experience is less ideal. For example, I can use my iPad to read and annotate journal articles, and those annotations become part of the file automatically. I can see everything I annotated from my other devices when I am writing. This is the case for my 1000+ paper library.

For e-ink devices, you need to use their cloud service, and only see annotations from their apps. If you want the annotations to be part of the files, you need do something extra like exporting the files as xxx.

I eventually decide to go with my iPad even if it is said to be bad for your eyes.

PhD Student

I recently bought a convertible laptop for the first time, rather than replace my laptop and get a separate device for PDF reading and note taking. The laptop has a 13.5 inch screen with a 3:2 ratio, so is about A4 size when used in tablet mode, and came with a pen. I like being able to highlight PDFs in different colours, not having to do anything to sync with devices, and always having laptop and tablet functions available. The 3:2 ratio is fantastic for writing and reading in laptop mode, too, because the extra height fits more page on the screen, but unlike a 14-inch or larger laptop it still fits easily in my small 35cm x 27 cm satchel. I'm finding it great for reading and annotating PDFs, and for note taking. The laptop's an HP Spectre x360 13.5; the HP Envy x360 is a cheaper version that's still very good.

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