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Too late

Don't you mean 23-24?

Just in time

@Too late. This is 2022. The cycle runs from fall 2022-spring/early summer 2023. Like the academic year. It isn't based on when you start the position but when you struggle through the market.


Maybe worth a separate thread, but I'm wondering if anyone has had success using MargyMail for their letters of recommendation? See post here: https://dailynous.com/2017/09/26/free-automated-recommendation-service-now-available/

I know some departments have manual, in-house services like this, but if this software has been working for people it would be good to know and good to reduce efforts spent on sending letters more broadly.


Question about AOS:

There are a growing number of people working at the intersection between M&E and social/political philosophy. E.g., feminist epistemology, metaphysics of race or gender, pragmatics of subordinating speech, implicit bias, etc.

I'm in this category and can never quite get a feel for whether it would be appropriate for me to apply to a job that asks for AOS: social/political. Like many people working in these intersectional categories, my training has primarily been in M&E, though my research applies that training to social/political issues. Is that enough, or are committees generally looking for someone with a more traditional training in value theory, and who could teach a class on, e.g., Rawls?

Assistant Prof

Anon: You never know what search committees are looking for, so I would say apply widely! There's very little marginal cost associated with a few extra applications, and the possible benefit is enormous.


Anon: I agree with Assistant Prof: just apply, and let _them_ weed you out.

That said, if you know you're going to be applying for social/political jobs, you should aim, over time, to cultivate the kind of profile that will be attractive for such a job. So, over time, you'll want to put together some syllabi for a few courses which are squarely on-topic (such as that class on Rawls), and so on.

In other words, your AOS fits more or less well, but if you're planning to target those jobs, try to work up an AOC that's clearly relevant. That way, you leave no doubt that you're a fit.

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