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Another difference that isn't noted in Marcus' comments is that book proposals are not anonymous. This means that part of your job as a reviewer is to assess the author's likelihood to write the book successfully, and part of that depends on who they are and what they have previously done.


Elizabeth is astute to note this. If one is reviewing a book manuscript on a topic, one has usually (always, perhaps) done research in the area, and is up on latest developments in the field. So, it is often quite likely that one will know of the author's work already, their previously published papers. In fact, if you do not, it may be a bad sign. Good books often build on earlier research. The alternative, to write a book from nothing, usually ends rather badly.


Thank you Marcus and everyone for weighing in, OP here. I did not think of all the differences between reviewing articles and book proposals, that makes a lot of sense now.

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