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Jacob J Andrews

Thanks for this post! I'm a philosopher at a K-12 school who doesn't have many opportunities to network in person with other philosophers (going to conferences is very difficult—no source of $$$ for it, very few days off work, plus I have a special needs child at home), so it's hard to find people to discuss papers with. This gives me some helpful tips.

I've played around with the idea of an online paper exchange group where people would send a paper would be linked to someone else to trade papers with, based on AOS and the like.


Thank you Helen for this informative and helpful post. As an early career academic, one of my troubles is that referees often do not buy into my project (this in itself is not very troublesome, but the rejection letter definitely is), and another is that I am isolated and can hardly find readers. Your advice on how to find readers seems quite practicable.

I also like Jacob's suggestion of an online paper exchange group. But the problem is, how could we form a group that really works?

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