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Guy Crain

I don't know of a database curated specifically for philosophy, but:

(1) I'd recommend the Wireless Philosophy channel as a fantastic resource for videos. Podcasts like Philosophy Bites, Philosophy 24/7, Philosopher's Zone, You Are Not So Smart, and Hi-Phi nation are also very good and consumable even for listeners with zero background knowledge. Podcasts that are a less "hand-hold-ish" (but still assignable, I think): The Free Will Show, New Books in Philosophy, Ethical Theory Review, and Elucidations.

(2) I routinely assign videos or podcasts as material required before class. The way I do it is create a quiz in Canvas (my college's LMS) and then, say, the first "question" is actually just the embedded video (or a bite-sized chunk of the video if it's much longer than 10 minutes). I set that as a multiple choice question only one answer ("I have watched the video"), and then the next few questions are multiple-choice/true-false about that video chunk specifically. I repeat that process until they've watched/listened to all the material relevant to having good class-preparedness, and I set the quiz to be due one minute before class starts.

I do this especially when a reading would be very complicated and very difficult to navigate for a novice. That's when I try to find if the author has been a podcast guest or given a video presentation of the material. It's nearly always the case that the podcast/video offers a much more "pre-chewed" version of the material. That way when they come to class, I can present the heavier, in-the-weeds version of the material to them. And then, they're well-prepared to write/discuss thought experiments/case studies related to the author's paper.

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