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I don't think there's one answer that applies to all European countries. My experience is primarily with German academia, and over here, cover letters are really not that important. Usually, it's just about one page where you introduce yourself, describe your areas of research, say a bit about your current work, and try to point out why you're interested in/suitable for the position. If you want to pitch your project (or if the job ad says you should do so), include a separate, more detailed research statement.

eur postdoc

I agree; it depends on the place and what they ask. I would not go into details about research in the cover letter.
Usually, if you join a specific project, you will be expected to do your own research that's somehow related to the project. So, you may be writing a book on the topic of the project, or coediting collections with other project members, etc. They probably want to make sure that you are capable of doing your own research, and that that research fits into the overall project goals.

from Denmark

When applying for a post doc position in Denmark, for example, one needs to make clear how they will contribute to the funded project which supports the post doc position. That is, the post doc is funding by a grant tied to a project. If you do not do work in the area of the project, then you are not a viable applicant. Most post docs will provide time and resources for your own research, but one is expected to work on the project. So make that link clear in your application package. You cannot "finese" this - you will need evidence on your c.v. (for example, publications).

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