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Young and Innovative

I wonder if the OP's point is even more forceful as applied to graduate admissions. Maybe we are doing innovative grad students a favor by not admitting them to PhD programs if their work will not get published anyway, but at the same time, we might worry that stifling innovation at that stage is a huge loss. In particular, if those who are young, innovative, and brash can be helped, mentored, and supported in the ways that they are "not so okay," then maybe the field would flourish with more of them around!

non tt faculty

I have the same feeling when it comes to undergraduate marking, that students who play safe tend to end up with better overall grades. As a policy, I told my students to talk to me if they feel that their innovation was punished.

On a similar note, perhaps it's just me, but I have the feeling that the most interesting works, at least regarding my AoS, tend to come from journals that are in the middle of Leiterian ranking (not top top but typically top 20).

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