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Daniel Weltman

Lately (past ~2 years, during Covid lockdown) I read 95% of stuff at my desk in my apartment. The other 5% is on my bed in my apartment. Before this (~2 years) it was about 45%/45% desk in my apartment/desk in my office and 10% the shuttle to and from campus. Before that (~7 years, grad school) it was about 30% desk in my office, 30% desk in my apartment, 30% chair or couch in my apartment, and 10% a table or grass or whatever outside somewhere like in a park. Before THAT (4 years, undergrad) it was about 40% my desk or a chair in my dorm room, 40% my desk at work, and 20% some chair or couch or grass or bench or whatever somewhere around campus, inside or outside.

I also used to read on airplanes and in airports, although now that my travel is intercontinental I find it to be too tiring and stressful to get much done.

I worry about being sedentary and at some point in the future I think I would like to set up a standing desk with a treadmill to see if that works. I have trouble reading in bet a lot of the time because it makes me sleepy. And I have trouble reading anywhere away from my desk because I sometimes think of things I want to write down and that's easiest with my computer ready at hand.

another reader

I read everywhere ... or at least many places. But, I am not as daring as Marcus ... I cannot read and walk outside ... fear of walking into traffic.
I really enjoy reading sitting up in bed. It is a comfortable position, and a relaxed space. I hate reading on-line ... but I have to, due to some of my commitments. But I would rather print something out and carry it with me.


For myself, I am like the OP - if I haven't printed it out, then I am probably not going to read it. And, I have a much harder time remembering the details of things I read on the screen. I also prefer to read at my desk, but sometimes can read on the couch if I am reading a book.

On a more fun note, I read this article years ago about the political theorist Corey Robin who reads on the new York subway: https://crookedtimber.org/2014/06/14/my-dirty-little-secret-i-ride-the-rails-to-read/


Bed is for fun reading only. Work reading is reserved foe the commute, or standing with the baby sleeping on me. The couch and hammock see both fun and work reading.


I learned this year that I don't do well reading at my place. I get lazy and easily distracted by Netflix, or something like that. I decided to (mostly) dedicate my place to sleeping/relaxing. Instead I go to a coffee shop to read and write. I seem to be much more productive when I separate working and living spaces. Also, I like being around people and an interruption for a chat is always a welcome break from work.

former chair

At home, I read at the dining room table or at a desk we keep in a back room. I don't read any work stuff in bed or the bedroom. I read in my office on campus quite a bit, and sometimes in one of the school cafeterias after the lunch rush.

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