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Daniel Weltman

I don't include any acknowledgements in submissions. So, I agree with the reader who initially submitted a reply. But Marcus's process works too. Anything's fine, really. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Peter Furlong

I would fall somewhere between Marcus's solution and one offered by the other reader. I think Marcus's worry about irritating the reviewer (if they happen to review it again) is reasonable, but I also think that you don't want to include anything in the paper that might give a negative impression. Obviously, most papers are rejected at least once, but there is no need to draw attention to this. Even mentioning it might slightly alter the overall impression of a reader. My worry here is slight, so I wouldn't worry much, but I think there is an easy solution. Just add a note in the paper saying that all acknowledgements have been removed. That way, even if the previous reviewer reads it, they will have no reason to be offended, but you will also not signal that this paper has been rejected somewhere else already.

Trevor Hedberg

There's always the option to replace an acknowledgement footnote with something like "acknowledgement removed for blind review" if there's a concern about how it would be perceived by current reviewers, but I would definitely support acknowledgements for all referees if/when the paper makes it to publication.

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