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Any advice for those of us who have no social media and don't use it out of principle?


I'm in your category, Sisyphus (you can still do #4, of course, but without the tweeting).

What I've found, if you're not in principle also opposed to self-promotion, is that you can do some "old fashioned" things.
1. As a matter of routine, when you publish a paper, email copies to all of those you've thanked in the acknowledgments, thanking them again.

2. When you see someone publish a paper to which you think your work is relevant, you can send them an email (I found your argument X of interest, you may find my argument Y of interest...) This is of course especially good to do if you discuss that other person's views in your article (whether pro or con).

3. Go to conferences (virtual or on line). Participate.

4. Form informal on line (or in person, if you're located in the right places) reading groups in your subject areas. My impression is that these have flourished because of the pandemic. Start one by inviting a couple of your friends or colleagues you know who work in the same areas. Take turns presenting work in progress. They'll learn about your work and vice versa.

Maybe these are all obvious, I don't know. And perhaps my career would be better if I did use social media (I don't know). But I think lots of philosophers do just fine without it.

early career

I'd like to get my voice out there so that I might possibly speak for anyone who might be worried that they ought to do what his post recommends in terms of social media presence.

I find professional philosophy twitter utterly insufferable. From my vantage, it appears as nothing but obnoxious self-promotion, a place for fragile egos to be nurtured. I tuned in when the pandemic started out of boredom, and within two months had to unfollow every philosopher I had started following. There is just too much in-crowd energy for me; too much bad exclusivity that reminds me of the most absurd parts of high school.

Maybe that should all be endured for the sake of the benefits of self-promotion. Maybe. I'm not about it.

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