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anonymous associate professor

Hi Tomas, perhaps you've already done this but I just want to encourage you to ask your department for help if you haven't done so. My department has been able to do things like (a) get special dispensation for a grad student dealing with a serious health issue to TA online, and, in a different case (b) round up enough funding (research accounts, etc.) to provide a grad student with the minimum required hours/salary for him to keep his health insurance/stay enrolled but effectively take a leave of absence. We are, as far as I know, far worse-resourced than Pitt. I hope your faculty would step up and try to help figure out a way to give you a break while keeping your insurance. Of course they might not be able to or might refuse, and I don't want to sound patronizing or assume you haven't already exhausted or given up on this option after trying. But just wanted to plug it. (And also hope that any faculty reading this will try to figure out how to help their grad students in these kinds of difficult situations!)

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