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In my experience, it's usually a couple of months, but it can be up to a year.

What's reasonable? I'd say a few months.


Some journals do not publish online first and they can sometimes take 2 years since there is a backlog. Journal of the History of Philosophy is an example. Is this reasonable? It’s not ideal, but what can you do?


There are journals that take two years to go from On-Line First to a print issue - Synthese and Episteme come to mind. At some places, publications only count when they are REALLY published (in a volume of the journal). So these things matter. I suspect that Philosophy of Science is also running a long time now.

Ahead of Print

I've had anything from 18 months (with no ahead of print online version either!) to 2 months.

I think any time frame under 2 years is reasonable as long as they post it online ahead of print. If they don't do that... maybe 6 months?


I think this can be heavily influenced by the publisher, and if they do 'online first.' My experience is that Springer, with online first, is about 2 weeks. Cambridge, with online first, is about a month. Taylor & Francis, with online first, also around a month. Other journals without online first? Closer to a year.

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