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Chris Stephens

Oisín -

A wonderful account of your life thus far! Glad to hear you are thriving!

David O. Brink

What a lovely story about your life experiences, past and present! I'm sorry to hear you felt you needed to suppress your diverse background. I would hope that sentiment was unnecessary. In any case, I suspect many potential interlocutors would find your life story compelling and engaging and might even be envious. Glad to hear you are happy with where you are now and that you are bristling with ideas for your future.


Thanks for sharing this with us! You have lived a truly rich life.

Dharmik Shah

I just can't believe what I am reading. I am going through a similar phase in my life, with the addition of being in the orient, where leading such a life is too difficult. Your story is very inspiring, and is encouraging with to apply to philosophy programs in graduate school, without having to worry about my non-traditional background. Thanks very much !

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