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If your current paper relies on arguments made in previous papers, they should be cited, regardless of the author.


I am sorry that the second question was formulated badly. I actually meant whether it is okay to refer to one's past work *without* using first person pronoun (e.g. "these authors" rather than "I and other authors..."). I understand this is probably a very minor thing that does not matter either way, but just in case there is a recommended norm. Personally I prefer the third-person if the sameness of the author isn't important---esp when I no longer have the cited view.

Assistant Professor

I find talking about yourself in the third person a bit awkward, personally (it is endearing when Elmo does it on Sesame Street, but I can't think of many other particularly successful examples), and would think even if you don't hold the past view you are citing from your own work but the work is still relevant to cite, then it would make most sense to indicate this change of view in a footnote or in the text ("as I previously argued, [argument, self-citation], though as I now suggest, [update to argument]"). It seems a bit odd to attribute a view to "these authors" if you are among those authors, merely to distance yourself from your own prior view, if that is indeed the intent. I would think being direct about it would be better than using the third-person as it would also help future people engaging with your prior work to track the trajectory of your evolving view and hopefully limit any opportunity for misunderstanding of your published positions.

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