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It is written into my contract that my tenure case will be based on my research in the two specific AOSs listed in the job ad. I suspect I could have negotiated that, if I had wanted to, but I didn't; so I'm waiting to pivot in any serious way until after tenure.


I’m at a R2, and I wrote a dissertation that was in two different AOS areas; I was hired in one of those areas but had only published in the other area at the time. As far as I understand our tenure standards, they specify a quantity of publications, so I have published what I’m interested in since then (but have made sure I am teaching in both the AOS and AOC I was hired in). So far, no one has indicated this would be a problem, and I am on-track to get tenure (though I suspect it would be if I were at, say, the R1 PhD institution I graduated from). My only concern is how external reviewers will review my record, since there are few (in contemporary academia) who have taken a similar path. So, I think this depends on what your institution is like.

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