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lucky 7

I do not want to give any personal information but sabbaticals are vital, and it is important to use them effectively. I have had three (ranging from 1 year to 4 months). Pick a place that will help you grow intellectually. For example, once place I visited, I sat in on a graduate seminar in a field in which I had minimal training. This was extremely useful for subsequent research. Another sabbatical was spent accessing archives at two institutions. This, again, was well spent time. BUT ... it helps to have some sort of "in" with the host institute. In the first, case, I had published a paper in a journal edited by someone there (it is not a philosophy journal - my work is cross-disciplinary). In the second case, I contacted someone who know someone from my PhD examination committee (the examiner and I are NOT close, but that was neither here nor there). Finally, aim high. My sabbaticals were all at top 25 universities. My PhD granting institution is not highly ranked, except in a few areas (one of which I work in).

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