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Mark D. White

At my school, we will promote tenure-track faculty to associate professor before tenure if they came in with several years experience elsewhere and, based on that, they achieve a level of scholarly output commensurate with promotion to associate. (Two current members of the philosophy department received pre-tenure promotion this way.)

a random person

I don't know how common it is, but Karen Crowther seems to be an example. She did four years of postdoc after Phd and was hired as an associate professor after that.

early tenure

Ray Briggs (Stanford) may be the kind of case you're looking for.


Matt Duncan (Rhode Island) is another example, whose work is really excellent.


Richard Pettigrew http://richardpettigrew.com/cv/ and Jan Sprenger http://www.laeuferpaar.de/ both earned their PhDs in 2008 and were full professors by 2014. Pettigrew in particular was a postdoc at Bristol 2008-2011, was hired permanently in 2011, then immediately promoted to Reader (~ Associate Professor) in 2012, and promoted again in 2014.


Permanent posts in Oxford are these days called Associate Professorships (or Professorships) and several people have got these jobs less than 5 years post-PhD (e.g. Rachel Fraser, Alex Kaiserman, James Read, Sinon Shogry, Alex Prescott-Couch etc.). Different system, though, with no Assistant Professor rank.

Early tenure

Peter Van Elswyk at UWM. He will be moving to Northwestern now, but he received tenure in 3 years I believe


Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame) may be another relevant case. PhD in 2011, Associate Prof with tenure in 2015. (And full in 2017!) No temporary gigs after the PhD, though.

Pete Mandik

I got my Ph.D. in 2000; associate professor in 2005.


Johanna Thoma at LSE. Started in 2016 as Assistant Professor, PhD in 2017, Associate Professor in 2020. Well deserved as well.

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