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As far as triangulation goes, my recommendation is to write on topics that interest you and to cultivate your writing voice. Referees like well-written papers--that doesn't just mean clear papers, it also means aesthetically-pleasing prose. Now, I'm not saying you should get all poetic. What I'm saying is that I've learned that it's ok--even desirable--to let my tone sneak through. Enthusiasm is contagious.

On grants, just remember that your audience at most granting agencies is composed entirely or mostly of non-philosophers. You aren't trying to convince philosophers that the work is worth funding, you're convincing historians, English literaturists (?), sociologists, etc. So try to make it clear how your project informs the kinds of things they care about, how your methods are recognizable to them (you obviously can't just say you'll sit in your favourite armchair and read and think a bunch, even though that's true!), etc. Give them the background information they need to understand why your project is important (they won't be familiar with the debates).

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