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not so special person

My sense is that the moratoriums are triggered by reaching the capacity for processing submissions. So it is not a fixed date. I do not have inside knowledge, but I have published in Nous. If I recall correctly, I was invited to submit a revision AFTER the moratorium started - but because I was in process, the moratorium did not affect my paper. In fact, if I recall correctly, the revised paper was accepted in days (yes, days!). (Of note, I am no one of particular importance, so I was not getting any sort of special treatment (well, my mom things I super-special))


My vague sense is that they accept new submissions about half the time--from Mid-November through mid-May or so. But as noted above, I don't think these are fixed dates.

Chris Tucker

it varies. they have stopped accepting new submissions in February before but it is often later in March. It happens without warning as far as i can tell.


Late February or March, I think. There is no warning.

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