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Douglas W. Portmore

Applications to ASU'S PhD program in philosophy (https://shprs.asu.edu/graduate-admission) is way down from what it's been in previous years. I can't say precisely by how much because we're still receiving applications. My guess, though, is that we'll end up receiving about half as many applications as we've typically received in previous years. This is particularly unfortunate because we have more spots than usual given that some grad students dropped out during the pandemic. As Marcus notes, there is some reason to think that this, in part, is due to the fact that we're requiring GRE scores. I've heard both directly and indirectly that many prospective applicants decided not to take the GRE since most schools are not requiring it this year. Now, we didn't require them last year due to the pandemic, but, despite my urging otherwise, the Philosophy Faculty voted to reinstate the GRE requirement for this year and future years. As Director of Graduate Studies, I am able and willing to waive the requirement for those for whom this requirement poses an undue hardship. Also, we will be considering applications at least through the first week of February even though the official "deadline" is January 15. So, it's not too late to apply to ASU or to seek a GRE waiver if that is something that you or one of your students is interested in.

Current PhD Student

I don't have live data, but University of Chicago publishes admissions data for its PhD programs here: https://provost.uchicago.edu/initiatives/phd-program-data

I love that they do this.


Wow, that's so cool Chicago does that.


McGill also publishes similar data for philosophy on the department’s website. The retention/attrition rate is interesting as it varies so much by year.

Mike Titelbaum

At UW-Madison, our number of applications is almost exactly between what we got in 2020 (which was slightly lower than usual) and what we got in 2021 (which was slightly higher than usual). But no huge swings over the past couple of years like ASU is reporting above. (Perhaps also worth noting we don't require the GRE.)

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